Photo Challenge #173 – Work/Play Balance.


Image: – Alison Saar

“You have to keep a balance. There’s always a good argument for a work and play balance.”

The woman looked up from her sitting position at her husband hauling out another load of broken concrete.

“It’s all about a plan. You have a plan, and things get done. I’ve made up the plan, and now it’s up to you to get it done. Today’s plan was to break up the concrete floor and carry it out to the skip. I know it’s hard work but if we get that done then tomorrow you can begin working on the floor.”

The husband, a quiet man, lugged another bucket of broken flooring out the back door and down to the skip. He knew it was fruitless to complain, much more likely his life would be more palatable if he went along with the ‘plan’ as his wife outlined.

“The bathroom I’ve planned for us will look so good. We’ve had this old one for so long its time we upgraded, modernised. After all the Schiller’s next door had a new one put in last spring and they have barely enough money to buy food. I’m telling you it will be worth all the slog you are putting in. Tomorrow morning I’ll go out and order the tiles I thought would look nice.”

She paused for breath and bit into the chocolate biscuit she was feeding herself as the husband shovelled more concrete into the buckets.

“If you keep at it, stick to the plan it will be done in no time. I’ve researched all the plans, I’ve made available every you tube video on how to renovate your bathroom, there’s no reason why we couldn’t have a perfect job done in next to no time. All that concern you voiced about plumbing and tiling, I looked at the video and to tell you the truth it doesn’t look all that hard. Can’t you add more to each bucket full, its taking you longer than it should to clean out the old floor.”

This she said with an air of derision as he came back up the back steps and entered the hollowed-out bathroom for yet another load. Grabbing the old shovel, he set to work shovelling in the broken flooring thinking it would take another three trips to finally get the rubble cleared away.

Three trips later he came back with an old broom to tidy up the space before the next part of the plan.

“Do you need to worry about that now. Couldn’t you wait till the morning? I know you like the space to be clean at the end of each day but look love its getting late, and you promised me a casserole for dinner. There won’t be time if you don’t get started soon.”

In his mind was the statement she loved to remind him of, “a work-play balance”.

He set to work on the dinner. She turned on the TV, her soaps were starting, she’d be distracted, she never noticed the ‘draino’ he added to the casserole.

Humming to himself he placed it in the oven.


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21 Responses to Photo Challenge #173 – Work/Play Balance.

  1. Lorraine says:

    I suspect he is looking forward to a new “work and play balance”! Heavy on the play; light on the work. Once the body is properly disposed on. Probably a You Tube video on how to do that, too.

  2. Fandango says:

    Ooh that’s a wicked, wicked tale. And perfectly understandable. I’m thinking “justifiable homicide.”

  3. MC Clark says:

    Ah, she got her just desserts. I love it! 😁

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Lol. Can’t say I blame they guy. It’s probably hard for him to alas go along with what SHE had ‘planned’ while his opinion doesn’t matter. He probably is tired of being belittled and snaps. I would. Either that or pack your bags and leave, but I think he let her go to far!

  5. mandibelle16 says:

    Haha most likely 🙂

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