Writing Prompt #211 “Stories By 5” – Xaos and Xara


Image: Katerina Plotnikova

Topic: A Romantic Evening

Male name: Xaos

Female name: Xara

Flower: Orchid

Sound: Stairs creaking

Expression: Mischievous


Xaos planned for a romantic evening with his beloved Xara. She had been a having a tough time of late. She had had a baby very early in her life, and that child grew into a wild child and had run her mother a merry dance throughout her life.

But time had caught up with the wayward child, and Xara had nursed her in the final days of her life.

It is never an expected event to be the one to care for and watch your child die before you.

So, tonight Xaos planned an evening in which Xara would be indulged as he knew she deserved.

His planning went to organising catering of the highest quality. Only the best would suffice. He ordered the rare Bullamcanka Orchid and arranged for it to adorn the centre of the dining table. It was a breath-taking bloom and only once a year did it come into flower.

He was so intent in his preparation he failed to hear the stairs creaking as Xara made her way down to dinner.

He had told her it was going to be a special night and to dress as if she was going to the finest restaurant.

Xara loved Xaos with a passion, and she understood the efforts he was going to this night. So, when she entered the dining room, it was with a mischievous grin on her face, both out of curiosity and expectation at what her one great lover had prepared.

And she was not disappointed. The meal was more than she expected, she felt the glow of his love descend upon her as she sat and looked into his eyes seeing in them a love she knew was hers.

Once completed, Xaos took Xara by the hand and led her to the spa where the second part of his planned evening began.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/writing-prompt-211-stories-by-5/

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6 Responses to Writing Prompt #211 “Stories By 5” – Xaos and Xara

  1. Lyn says:

    Just lovely, Michael. I do love a real love story.

  2. Lovely is the perfect work Michael! What a great way to show love and appreciation =) There is also that element of tragedy and struggle in in which makes it more real and thus the sentiments more powerful

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