SoCS June 10/17 – admit


This week’s prompt – “admit”

My neighbour knocked at my back door, and I sensed an urgency in the manner of his knocking.

There he stood, tears running down his checks and his hands trembling.

My reaction was to bring him inside and sit him down. The kettle I put on to make tea, and I watched as he sat there wiping his eyes.

My neighbour is not a man of emotion, and I was worried about him to the point of feeling initially speechless as I contemplated how to get him to talk about what was so obviously bothering him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. I figured the direct approach was the only approach at a time like this.

He looked at me through his tear-filled eyes and said, “The wife and I were having a discussion, well if truth be known another argument. We were going at it as we do when she admitted she was wrong.

I was flummoxed I have to say. She took the wind out of me. I felt suddenly vocally naked in front of her.”

‘That’s a terrible situation to be in,” I said thinking of my many arguments with my wife where I knew all along that no matter what I would be proved wrong. It was the way the world was as far as I knew.

Now I had my neighbour in my kitchen, a mess, a bawling man, a man with no purpose as if life had been sucked out of him over this admission by a woman whom I knew was not in any way caring about the welfare of her husband.

“What kind of woman has she turned into?” he asked shrugging his shoulders in desperation. “I thought I knew how things went,” he continued. “We’d argue, she’d win, the world would be in balance. Now I feel the universe is out of kilter.” With that, he dissolved into tears, and there was little I could do but pass him the tissues.


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3 Responses to SoCS June 10/17 – admit

  1. scribblersdip says:

    odd how when the tables suddenly shift – it can be so upsetting – indeed the world is out of balance, and the roles no longer fit, the rules no longer apply – and yet, it can be a gift …. still, hard to fathom and understand …..

    great SOCs Michael 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Thankfully it was all a bit tongue in cheek Pat….though I was married to a woman for whom being wrong was a foreign concept…

      • scribblersdip says:

        LOL – not at your situation, but for some reason, tongue in cheek strikes me as deathly funny tonight – long long hot sticky humid day ….

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