Tale Weaver #123 08.06.17: The June Bride


Lucy Assuch awoke to a beautifully sunny day. Today was her wedding day and the day itself looked like a blessed one. Lucy was filled with both love and excitement over what lay ahead for her. Across town, she knew her intended husband Bryce Asone was also feeling the same.

She had insisted on the tradition that neither should see each other before arriving at the church. It was the only one they did adhere to having made the most of the previous afternoon.

There was a knock on her door, and her mother had arrived holding as she did a piece of paper. Her mother was one for lists and today she had a list that was exhausting in the reading of it.

So, Lucy was out of bed, the day began with a meeting between mother and daughter mapping out the day’s events.

Taking a big breath, Lucy started her wedding preparations.

Lucy’s father was a bundle of nerves and excitement. Every friend he ever had and a few he wished he had were invited to the wedding. He was very happy to see his daughter marry an Asone. They were the most prestigious family in the village of As. He had made many a bad joke in his time but referring to their impending union, he said he was as one with their decision.

The village of As loved a wedding. They loved the tradition of it all. Virginal bride, white dresses, flowers and the expectation that the couple had refrained from all sexual activity. The community embraced the joyous occasion as their own. Houses and shops were festooned, the village band went about rehearsals with renewed vigour, and even if you weren’t invited, you still felt part of the day.

As the day went by the temperature also rose. It was going to be a hot one and added to all that the wind from the west was building and that was adding to the overall discomfort.

By wedding time the temperature was well over 100F. The small village church was packed, the minister, the Rev Paul Ashym nervously awaited the bride, as did the groom, sweating profusely but expectant.

At the appointed moment, the organist broke out a fanfare announcing the bride’s arrival. The congregation held their respective breaths as Lucy on her father’s arm came down the aisle.

Despite the heat, the ceremony went off wonderfully well. The reception after was a jolly occasion and the bride and groom given a right royal send off.

Lucy’s parents bathed the glory of their new standing in the village, Bryce was cemented to his one love forever.

Later in their bridal suite at the As Holiday Inn, they settled down on the bridal bed, to rest their weary selves after a more than exhausting day.

“Do you think anyone noticed?” asked Lucy.

“No I think we got away with it,” said Bryce lovingly stroking his wife’s beautiful face.

“They will, though won’t they?” asked Lucy.

“Be too late then,” said Bryce his eyes focused on his Mrs Asone.

“We’re having a baby,” said Lucy, “will you love me when I blow up all pregnant?”

“I’ll love you always Lucy,” said her husband.

He wrapped his arms around his new wife, drew her in close and they lay together wondering what the future was going to be like when their parents discovered she was with child.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/06/08/tale-weaver-123-08-06-17-the-june-bride/

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11 Responses to Tale Weaver #123 08.06.17: The June Bride

  1. Lyn says:

    Premature baby perhaps 😀 Let’s hope the baby is very small when it arrives.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Great story — and yes, they can pull it off — my aunt got pregnant on her honeymoon. Honest!
    Love the names, of course.
    Thanks for playing along.

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