Photo Challenge #167 – When Death Arrives



Word came all at once

From miles away and worlds apart.

Death is like that

Turns up and makes its presence felt.

Life ends for a mother and a daughter grieves,

Life ends for a daughter and a mother grieves.

The pain of loss is the same

The mother’s eighty years spent on continents

Far apart and yet united

The daughter’s forty years spent

Lost in a world, not all her making.

I felt their loss, I knew their stories

I could do no more than reach out

Offer my heart in my condolences

My love to sustain them as they attempted

To move on, start again

A chapter closes and another begins.


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10 Responses to Photo Challenge #167 – When Death Arrives

  1. MC Clark says:

    “A chapter closes and another begins”…that’s life in a nutshell.

  2. scribblersdip says:

    Wow! This has me stopped in my tracks!

    Incredible writing with an interesting reading of the image – and I particularly love this:

    The daughter’s forty years spent
    Lost in a world, not all her making.

    This is an incredible “dialogue” of sorts, even though the style doesn’t conform to it in a traditional sense, nor does the point of view, but it reads as a conversation in notes – there is almost a musical quality to this, and it’s heartfelt and rendering. It really is exceptionally well done Michael.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Pat, in both cases the deaths were felt strongly by the family and in particular the mother and daughter. I looked for an avenue to express this and saw this prompt as a way in as it was something I needed to write about.

      • scribblersdip says:

        you’ve done a really incredible job of it – and I hope, in some way, it has offered you some release, peace and perhaps, closure or reconciliation of feelings, that often are so intense.

  3. Written from your heart; I am sorry for your friends’ losses. Love written is a condolence to all.

  4. From the daughter of the mother I thank you.
    My condolences to the mother of the daughter.
    Worlds apart but intertwined.

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