Saturday’s Mix–May 13, 2017 – Sir Gunna’s Quest


This Saturday’s task: a medieval romance

Sir Gunna Romancalot was thinking it was time he made the move to ask the beautiful Lady Penny Foryathorts for her hand in marriage. Lady Penny was the daughter of the village Blacksmith, a rough and tumble man known as Yule Blacksmithyanytime.

Negotiating such an arrangement with Lady Penny’s father was one thing but in recent times Sir Gunna, knight of the realm and notorious slayer of dragons, endangered as they were, had become aware that Lady Penny was being shown attention by none other than Lord Iva Bygwon.

Knights, of course, thrive on competition and Sir Gunna immediately began to plan to bring Lord Iva down and claim Lady Penny for himself.

Lord Iva Bygwon lived in a castle to the north of the village. He was forever big noting himself, telling tales of his exploits in foreign lands, showing off his trophies which were often gruesome in their display, severed heads and all that sort of thing designed to spoil the joy of a good breakfast.

Sir Gunna threw down the challenge to Lord Iva and the challenge was dually accepted.

They met in the meadow behind the Medieval Bookshop, Ye old Books and other stuff, at six in the morning.

A crowd had gathered including the village undertaker, Buryudeepndark, a sad-looking man with a tape measure slung around his neck.

In the challenge that followed both men were injured and as everyone knew the winner was the last one standing. Lord Iva Bygwon finally stood over Sir Gunna and was about to claim victory when in a last-ditch effort, Sir Gunna lunged forward the ended Lord Iva’s quest.

In the crowd stood Lady Penny, aghast at the barbarity of the morning’s event. She turned to leave when Sir Gunna stood before her asking for her hand in marriage.

Lady Penny saw the want in his eyes. She heard the tenderness in his voice. She noticed a rather large wart on the side of his nose.

She declined his request leaving poor Sir Gunna a desolate man.

So, broken was he and so disillusioned by life that he gave up being a knight and slayer of endangered dragons and became the village gardener.

He found a new love in hydrangeas and daisies. He grew them in every spot he could find, to Lady Penny the gardener, now known as Gunna Groem, was a man to notice. And she did. She loved a man with muscle and a penchant for flowers.


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7 Responses to Saturday’s Mix–May 13, 2017 – Sir Gunna’s Quest

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Lol. Well told and great names 🙂

  2. Lyn says:

    LOL and they all lived happily ever after. Perfect 🙂

  3. Teresa says:

    I love the creative names!

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