May 4: Flash Fiction Challenge – My Biscuits.


This week’s challenge: May 4, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about comfort food. How can this familiarity influence a story or character? Is it something unusual, like Twinkies from the 1970s? Or is it something from home, from another place or time? Go where the prompt leads.

It starts with a cup of self-raising flour, two cups of rolled oats, butter, an egg, a teaspoon of both cinnamon and ginger, throw in some apple sauce and away you go.

My comfort food. Baked for twelve minutes they have become a food I enjoy several times a day.

As a part of my diet, I take them wherever I go, packed in a sandwich bag, stowed in my trusty cooler I can devour them at any given time. In summer, they are best eaten frozen, in fact as I write this I am happily munching on one.



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15 Responses to May 4: Flash Fiction Challenge – My Biscuits.

  1. MC Clark says:

    Those sound really tasty, Michael. 🙂

  2. Sadly with biscuits, I can’t stop at one, so resist opening the packet. As for homemade, let’s just say not many would reach the plate for guests!

    • Michael says:

      The beauty of the home made biscuit is you make them to suit yourself though my grand kids do ask for them when they visit….thanks Di for stopping by..

  3. kalpana solsi says:

    home-made biscuits are the best and this seems to be damn tasty.

  4. Charli Mills says:

    Fabulous! I hope you baked enough to share. I’ll whip up a of beans and we can have a campfire at the ranch. 🙂 Great opening, it really draws the reader in.

  5. Thanks for the recipe. The combination sound interesting and I’m not sure whether you are serious or whether this is pure fiction but I’m prepared to give it a go.

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  7. Nice, easy recipe – good to have a go-to food.

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