Wordle #153 – Singing In Bedlam


This week’s words: Quarrel Man Singing in Bedlam (Being completely barmy/insane, but being happy with it.) Rotten Sheen Whitewash Scramble Price Narrow Visible Smatter Masquerade

It was the man standing on the street corner singing in Bedlam as we’d say that caused the quarrel. It could have been he was singing off key, it could have been he was singing the wrong words but whatever it was it was also his happy go lucky attitude that no doubt rubbed people the wrong way.

He didn’t care, his singing was terrible but that is not to whitewash over the incident as there is so often a narrow line between what one man considers good and another horrendous.

With the quarrel escalating, the sheen had obviously been taken from his performance and what followed was nothing short of a rotten exchange between the two protagonists.

Being visible to every passer by people began to scramble for position to get the best view for on a sleepy Thursday afternoon what could be better than a full on stoush, accompanied by a smattering of expletives.

The singing in Bedlam man now feeling crushed by the attack on his abilities masqueraded an air of hurt and upset that his honest and happy singing had been so offensive to this particular passer-by.

Such was the onslaught that the price he paid would haunt him for some time. Not a man to quarrel, he gradually slunk away, his tail between his legs as his attacker regaled everyone around him of the need to keep such singing in Bedlam in the place it deserved to be, in Bedlam.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/wordle-153/


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8 Responses to Wordle #153 – Singing In Bedlam

  1. I have a great deal of sympathy for this man. As a child I loved singing and would sing whenever, wherever and I was awful like malfunctioning robot/wet cat awful. People gave me such a hard time about it too but I kept on practicing and practicing. I still practice sometimes at home when no one is in earshot (though not very frequently) and I am still awful lol

  2. MC Clark says:

    I sing along with the radio when I drive–alone. 😊 I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to endure my singing.

  3. Lyn says:

    I’ve been told I should sing solo…so low you can’t hear me. I’m just glad I can sing in church and not have to worry about what people think. The Bible tells us to “make a joyful noise to the LORD.” I’m glad about that, because I can just about hold a tune, but that’s all 😀

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