Saturday Mix — Lorraine 29.04.17 – When Lilies Spring.


Spring had sprung and then,

It sprang out of the green algae covered pond

Forcing the lilies to spring for dear life

As the algae threatened to devour

Each and every one of the pretty little things.

The lily pads had unto them a mind of their own

They said in their unique lily speak

Up yours Mr Algae

This is spring and we, dear sir, have sprung.


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Inside the pond lily,

Hidden from sight

There lies a mechanism

As fierce as any warrior

Capable of fighting all and any

Who might prevent its growth in spring.

Each microscopic disc

Contains a nuclear arsenal

To engender growth

And promote defence.

They are hardy,

There is no doubt,

So appreciate them as nature’s survivors

For they thrive in all conditions.


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5 Responses to Saturday Mix — Lorraine 29.04.17 – When Lilies Spring.

  1. spring and lilies, lovely poems, Michael 🙂

  2. Lorraine says:

    Lovely bits of whimsy. Now, if the fish in the fish pond would say Up yours, Mr. Algae, we wouldn’t have to get out the scrub brush!
    Nice imagery on the image — and not far off what it’s a bit of sculpture of . . .
    Thanks for playing along.

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