Saturday Mix — Lorraine 15.04.17 – Amy the Call Girl


The flash fiction this week is another columnar event. Choose a word from columns A, B, and C then write a piece of flash (25 to 150 words) using your three choices. If you’re really adventurous, pick 2 from each column. Other forms of the words are acceptable.

Amy was a call girl who had started out her working career as a butcher.

She found bludgeoning meat far too crass when you could cuddle and bounce it and make a whole lot of more money.

During her time as a butcher, she had acquired a considerable address book of clients whom she now found with a bit of buttering up were more than happy to forgo the luxury of new curtains for the luxury of an hour or two with her in their bathtub or hers.

Amy’s favourite and most generous client was Barry, an antique dealer and by no means an antique himself. Barry liked to bury things like apples and cheese and then when discovering their respective hiding places like to curl with them in ways Amy thought was an example of each man’s unique approach to things sensual.



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5 Responses to Saturday Mix — Lorraine 15.04.17 – Amy the Call Girl

  1. kaykuala h says:

    Amy obviously had a fine grip on her clients in a big way. Witty posting Michael!


  2. Lorraine says:

    A very witty romp through columns a, b, and c. Interesting concept that butchery and call girlism comprised the same client list. Enough to make one’s toes curl. Or perhaps just Barry’s?
    Thanks for playing along.

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