Sunday Strange microfiction challenge – Mary’s Breakfast


Mary looked across the room at the picture of the angel Gabriel her parents had put on her wall. They said the presence of the Angel would keep her safe as she slept.

Mary was concerned less about safety as she slept as with keeping Spot and Fluff out of her breakfast.

She hated the way they jumped up on her bed and stood there eyeing off her toast and cup of milk.

As she prayed she kept her focus on the Angel who stood mightily upon a large rock, staff in hand ready to smite all and any who might anger him.

“Please Angel Gabriel,” she prayed, “keep Spot and Fluff away from my breakfast.”

At that, a bolt of lightning uttered from the image and struck both pets causing them to flee from the room.

Giggling to herself Mary, cracked her egg, and quietly thanked the accommodating Angel.


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12 Responses to Sunday Strange microfiction challenge – Mary’s Breakfast

  1. The other side of the coin Michael!

  2. I knew that girl had superpowers 🙂

  3. Lyn says:

    Oh, poor Spot and Fluff 😦

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