Friday Music Prompt #1: “Jeter un Sort/Put A Spell On” by Alex Nevsky 

Put a Spell on You…

Who’d a thought she reflected as she sat in the gutter, her life in tatters now that she had been thrown out of her home, her possessions confiscated, her reputation shattered.

He had used just one word to cast his spell, and she now saw it as a moment when the spell was cast, and she was sucked into it.

She recalled the moment so clearly: “Sorry if I’m intruding on your life, but I was …”

And so, it went on.

She thought he was interested. She thought he was honest and trustworthy.

He was as she had come to expect of men, untrustworthy, interesting only in themselves and out to get what they could before they ran off with her spoils in their hands.

She had played the game in good faith and now saw herself as such a fool to fall for his charm, his words and his promises.

“Christ, she thought, I was a married woman, what was I thinking?”

She knew what she was thinking. Here was a man who showed interest in her. Who appeared to listen.

Who seemed to care.

She opened up to him in more ways than one.

She listened to him, to his tales of a life not lived as well as he had planned for.

She offered him a shoulder to lean on, she thought he was doing the same for her, but instead, he was setting her up for a fall.

Once the spell was cast, she was putty in his hands.

She had been found out, she never wanted to hurt her husband, she thought she could conduct the two relationships safe from one another.

But secrets have a way of leaking out, and hers had in so many ways.

She looked happy when she spoke and wrote to him. This raised eyebrows as she had never been a happy person, what had changed he had asked? Nothing was her reply.

The late nights, the endless hours on the computer, the walks which began to take longer and longer.

She was singing songs he didn’t know, wondered about the origins of such music, she started to cook new things, told him she had found a recipe site, he believed there was a positive change.

Then he accidentally found her notes, discovered the cards that had been sent, the messages that spoke of love and commitment.

It all came to a head one morning when he fronted her and told her she had to choose.

She had cried tears of genuine remorse, but the spell she was under was so strong she chose unwisely in the end.

Now as she sat in the gutter, reflecting on a life now wasted, she wondered what the man she thought of as her saviour might now be doing.

“Does he remember me?”

“Does he care?”

Broken hearted and feeling duped by life she stepped into the traffic.


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13 Responses to Friday Music Prompt #1: “Jeter un Sort/Put A Spell On” by Alex Nevsky 

  1. Soul Gifts says:

    Oh – captured by a cad

  2. Lyn says:

    Part of me wants to slap her, the other part wants to hug her.

  3. oh this is so sad, Michael, hope she recovers from the gutter, nice tale, Michael 🙂

  4. Lorraine says:

    I wonder how far into traffic she stepped. To be stopped by impact, or to move on with the flow.

  5. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Oh my such a tragedy!! Beautifully written, Michael, but so sad!

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    Great take Michael. I know English translations aren’t always easy to work with. A dramatic story she loses her dependable husband, he doesn’t make her happy so she’s having the affair. He finds out, she chooses wrong. What a terrible ending for her. I hope the car some how stops and she finds a will to live. Thanks for participating I like how you incorporated the magic and spells 🙂

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