Photo Challenge #159 – Lucy Luvtryangle



Lucy Luvtryangle lived an odd life.

Confined to the room under the stairs

She read Harry Potter,

Dreamed of casting spells

Sending her captors to places evil and grubby.

Her parents thought her far too odd

For decent God fearing folk

So, hid her away

Less she frighten and corrupt the righteous.

Despite all their efforts to repress their daughter

But they could not suppress her optimism.

Lucy Luvtryangle was a happy child.

With a face, full of teeth and a grin a mile wide

she could be off-putting in her enthusiasm.

She gurgled sounds as her tongue was diminutive,

Caught in the back of her mouth

Her words were garbled and incoherent

But her personality bubbled

She was loving and loyal

As you would be living beneath stairs.

Through her limitations, she found her magic

In her mind, she escaped

To fields of flowers

To big houses where children like her

Were treated with love and compassion.

Every moment she treasured

Lucy Luvtryangle was for those short times

As loveable and normal as you and me.


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2 Responses to Photo Challenge #159 – Lucy Luvtryangle

  1. I love your Lucy, Michael 🙂

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