Finish off Fridays #8: The Summons 17.02.17


Photograph: (c) Lorraine

The Story Begins: I had never been summoned to Number 208 before; I nervously adjusted my coat and hat.  

There was something about the summons that could not be ignored. The thought of doing so gave me a weak feeling down in my precious waters. I didn’t want any accidents so I turned up looking my best and feeling nervous.

I pressed the doorbell and a resounding boom rang out. The door opened and Lurch stood there, at least he looked like Lurch. “You rang,” he said.

I showed him my summons and he let me in, pointed to a waiting area and left me there. A man in a pink suit with black bowtie entered and announced that my number had come up. I gulped. My number? He nodded knowingly, shrugged and pulled out the syringe. My day had come. The day my body was given to science. Instinctively I pulled my coat around myself. Fate could be cruel I thought.



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6 Responses to Finish off Fridays #8: The Summons 17.02.17

  1. Lyn says:

    Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that! I like the mention of the house number, and then the corresponding, “your number has come up.” Poor guy; I think I’d be bolting out the door.

    • Michael says:

      There was or is a short story in which set in the future every kid is given a test and if you score too highly you are deemed to have failed and they put you down…..that for me is a scary scenario…

  2. Lorraine says:

    “You rang . . .” Perfect. Your number was up! I like the grim reaper’s costume — those hooded black capes/cloaks get so dreary.
    Thanks for an entertaining response and participation! You have “finished off” Friday quite well.

  3. wordwitch88 says:

    Delightful tale! And as Lorraine noted, the turn away from the “traditional” details makes this all the richer, and definitely a lot swankier!

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