Write Anything Wednesday #104 – Writing in Death


Hello, I came across your prompt page and thought I’d join in. Sorry to hear about the deaths in your family.

When his death came it was a disappointment. He hadn’t planned it this way but he knew Death had a habit of sneaking up on you when you least suspected it.

It was a double shame as his second book was about to be published after years of trying and he was eager to see how it all went as he believed it was a work of some literary merit.

Sadly, it didn’t rise above a shelf filler in several bookshops, a dust gatherer in the homes of his friends and a soon forgotten literary work.

Death afforded him a lot of time, as you can imagine, eternity goes on and on and if you have not much to do the novelty wears off quickly. That you no longer experience pain or illness is a blessing in itself but Peter Garner, the spirit he was now found that eternity gave him a lot of writing time. He used it well, he found he wrote with greater clarity than ever before, he enjoyed the process more and ideas flowed thick and fast.

So successful was he, he soon discovered he had written two best sellers. Now this may seem an unlikely prospect but Death is a strange creature and can look favourably on you in an sort of odd way. The last thing Death wants is a lot of bored souls wandering around eternity looking for something to do. So as a trade-off, so to speak, he allowed those with talent or even an inclination to do things that very opportunity. For example, mountain climbers climbed mountains, cave exploders’ explored caves and dictators got bathroom duty. He had to draw the line somewhere.

So Peter Garner had expressed a desire to write as he was determined that if eternity was all it was said to be by the end of it he should have down pat some refined writing style. Plus, as he always thought, be able to write a decent sentence.

There were downsides, like everything in life, in death there were downsides. Writing a best seller was easy he found. Getting it published was easy. Attending a book launch was not so easy. Well he could attend but no one would see him and if they did he’d scare the living out of them.

So it was luck more than anything that his books in death were the success they were. If it wasn’t for Martha Ballsy picking his book up in her local bookshop and taking it along to her book club, he may have remained in obscurity.

Martha discovered Peter was dead and assumed the books were published posthumously. She was also an amateur clairvoyant and tried her hand a few times to make contact with Peter. But Death was adamant there would be no contact, there was no telling where such things might lead and he had his hands full enough what with gathering souls on a daily basis to be worried over people like Martha Ballsy wanting to chat with the late Peter Garner.

‘Let them wonder’ was Death’s mantra as he hurried off to deal with a volcanic explosion and the destruction of a village in Iceland.

In the meantime, Peter Garner kept on writing.


Written for: https://writerishramblings.com/2017/02/01/write-anything-wednesday-104/

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3 Responses to Write Anything Wednesday #104 – Writing in Death

  1. Lorraine says:

    Intriguing tale with a twist on posthumously publishing!

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