Saturday Mix — Lorraine

1 A fifty/fifty split: write a piece of flash in 50 words using one word from each column; you can alter the form of the word – responded; deliciously

noun             verb            modifier (verb/noun)

cistern          undulate       careful

artisan          respond        inquisitive

sphinx          attach            ultramarine

rabbit           peruse           opaque

courtesan    vibrate           delicious

The artisan careful not to upset his critics responded with a piece that stopped them in their tracks. He had been subject to the inquisitiveness of people who thought they knew about art but in reality knew nothing. His new work, vibrating and undulating, suggestively, was delicious in its attraction. (50 words)


2. And in 25 words or less, an image for your perusal and penmanship:


Grandma lived her life in a house stuck in a meadow. The front steps descended to nowhere. She’d say she had no place to go.


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8 Responses to Saturday Mix — Lorraine

  1. Well done — I wasn’t sure if I was giving folks enough words to play with. Any suggestions for further flash gratefully accepted.

  2. Great job, Michael. I think I’ll hop over and give it a try. I’m a little tired from working on getting my curriculum ready for my creative writing class, and I like to do these challenges when I’m NOT tired — mainly because it takes more energy for me to write short than it does to write long. But this has captured my imagination, so —– here I go.

    • Michael says:

      Great Sandra, I’ll go over and take a look later. Have you been teaching creative writing long?

      • I taught some creative writing when I was teaching high school quite a few years ago. I’m retired from that level now and have been teaching creative writing at a junior college for a few years now. I work for the continuing education department, so people from the community can take the classes as well as college students. I also teach private classes, and I’m getting things lined up to start teaching some online creative writing courses. I love doing it, and I hope I can continue for a long time yet.

      • Michael says:

        You have to love a job you enjoy so much Sandra. I hope you continue as long as you can too.

      • Thank you, Michael.

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