Tale Weaver #102 – 12th January – The Winter Chill – Miss Marble’s Friend Cath


Image © Winter Woolly: Used with Permission


There was one thing the residents of Grimace Street liked about the winter. There wasn’t one. While the rest of the town froze knee deep in ice and snow Grimace Street was each day bathed in a warm sunlight.

It hadn’t always been like that. In the early days of Grimace Street with a young Miss Marble living at the end of a dusty road she never paid much attention to the seasons as she was always super busy with orders to be filled and concoctions to prepare.

Over the years she accumulated neighbours and it wasn’t until she discovered one her neighbours huddled up and shivering in her bed that Miss Marble thought there may be a way of alleviating the cold winter.

Miss Marble loved her neighbours and they loved her. One side was the delightful lady with grey bangs who would often come over and sit with Miss Marble on sunny evenings and together they’d chew the fat over goings on in Grimace Street.

The lady with the grey bangs whose name was Cath, was also a wonderful dog person. She had that ability to befriend any dog and her own small dog, Lycra, which stuck to her side at all times, was a great friend and companion to Miss Marble’s dog Sal. So while Cath and Miss Marble sat sipping their tea the dogs would lie together taking comfort from each other.

One night in the dead of winter Cath didn’t appear on Miss Marble’s veranda. It was bitterly cold and Miss Marble worried for her friend went over to see if she was ok.

Inside she found Cath huddled in her bed, Lycra up against her, the two of them too cold to move. Cath was never a woman to ask for help and Miss Marble was dismayed to find Cath had no wood for her fire.

Miss Marble being the witch she was, quickly fixed the issue and then set about warming up her old friend.

The next day, the street was pretty much snowed in and Miss Marble was back and forward to Cath’s house making sure she was warm and recovering.

That night she delved into her huge old book of potions and spells. It took her three days to gather the ingredients and experiment to get the desired effect. First she spread the potion around her house to see if it worked and the next morning there was no snow and the garden looked a treat which was a pleasing side effect she hadn’t counted on.

Then she spread some around Cath’s house and sure enough the snow disappeared and the sun shone warmly. This enabled Cath to recover and in time Miss Marble spread her potion further until the whole street became immune to the winter.

People outside of Grimace Street thought it odd but never thought to question thinking Grimace Street was one of those lucky streets that avoided the winter.

It also allowed Miss Marble and Cath to resume their afternoon tea drinking and their natter about one thing and another.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/01/12/tale-weaver-102-12th-january-the-winter-chill/

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19 Responses to Tale Weaver #102 – 12th January – The Winter Chill – Miss Marble’s Friend Cath

  1. lovely tale of Miss Marble and Cath 🙂

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Nothing like a good witch to warm you up!!

  3. Lyn says:

    Love that picture! It just looks like lace. Miss Marble is such a sweet lady. Too bad she can’t transfer a bit of that snow our way, hey Michael 😀 Werro was 45 degrees today. Even now it’s still 42.7 according to Weatherzone 😦

  4. Glad to read that Miss Marble was able to help her friend with the grey bangs. Nice to know. But then Grimace Street is a very loving, caring place, isn’t it.

  5. julespaige says:

    It’s about 38 F or 3.3 C –
    Can Miss Marble do some magic here?
    Sniffles are playing games with me. I’ll recover – eventually.

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    Sounds nice to have continually beautiful weather in your own neighbourhood. Sometimes I’d miss the snow though.

    • Michael says:

      There can’t be many in your part of the world who would say that…

      • mandibelle16 says:

        Haha, no it’s true. The goal of many couples when they retire is to be snow birds and live in Arizona, Dallas, Texas, California anywhere but where it’s freezing. Vancouver or Vancouver island in Canada is also preferable but not as much because it tends to be so dreary there with no sun for long periods of time.

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