Writing Prompt #193 “A World Apart Part 2” – The Karyls


Describe in detail one or more of the sentient races that inhabit your world

Race: Karyl

Species: Potential Angelic, Potential Satanic, Potential Agnostic…governed by geographic location

Genders: 2 (male, female)

Gender Equality: Split by vocal abilities, males = low notes, females = high notes

Lifespan: 90 – 100 years

Alignment: passionate about their place in the world

Height: 2.2m-3m

Build: males are often paunchy and the females big busted…. reflective of their large lung capacity….

Language: Medieval Melodic, noticeable for the range of words and sounds depending on their tonal abilities…some words when sounded by the females can appear to have multiple vowel and consonants stretched across them…

Skin Tone: Black, white and brown depending on geography

Body Hair: Hairy underarms often to absorb sweat generated by group activity, large heads of hair, hairy legs stretching from the pubis to the ankles….

Hair: Depending on geography and location, can vary but always each species is well endowed with this feature.

Hair Colour: Depending on Geography….

Eye Colour: Blue, green or brown

Pupil: Wide

Nose: often proboscis in shape….

Ears: varying from male to female, some of the Potential satanic can have long elongated ears but among the Potential Agnostic they have a philosophy: “all the better to hear you with” …

Mouth: All Karyls have big gaping mouths they love to flap about

Fingers and Toes: Males have short and stubby fingers the females long almost talon like claws…

Distinguishing Features: lack of any sense of humour, an attitude there is only one way to do this.

Anatomy Extra Info: Oversized lungs as they enjoy holding their breaths a long time and speaking without breathing for as long as they can….

Genitals Male: Swing high swing low is their attitude, love to banter as to who has the biggest one….

Genitals Female: tucked neatly away but upon activation can create a scene any male can either go for or run from…

Sexual Maturity: Life long, or so the males like to believe…

Reproduction and Mating: various mating rituals ensure the selection of only the best breeders….males can mate at the drop of a hat or a semi quaver for that matter……females need to feel they are in harmony with their male suitor, his size, although impressive and his enthusiasm, won’t always guarantee a successful mating…Females once fertilized become extremely sensitive to their environment and will require the males attention far more than he realizes resulting in nesting becoming an issue when his mates call for a round or two of neighbourhood fraternization.

Sexual Orientation: Males are very attracted to the females and begin courting and acts of bravado from an early age. Females love to feel the male’s attention but need to be won over before allowing any liberties of a sexual nature. After all, when she mates the high notes make all the difference.

Family Life and Child-rearing: The Karyls live in groups called Quires. Much time is spent learning the art of Quire living. Children are usually seen and not heard. Most Karyls are proud of their children, especially if they know their place.

Special Abilities: Able to hold a conversation for a long time, they communicate thru prolonged sounds sung usually in a bizarre way often in the language of another group but they are born with the innate ability to understand all dialects.

Latent Abilities: very little creativity, most perform what has been the stable repertoire for the past thousand or so years…originality is frowned on generally.

Eyesight: 20/20

Smell: yes, especially after several hours of quire practice in a closed room…

Taste: Yes, a bit like chicken.

Hearing: 20 octaves

Weaknesses: fear of water and bad quiring habits

Diet: Whatever is put in front of them…

Hierarchy: Karyls depend a lot on those elected to lead them…. they look to them for direction at every turn…

History Brief Overview:  Karyls have been around a long time. They belong to an ancient order of sentient beings who muddled their way through history before anyone wrote it down to reveal their muddlesomeness.

With the advent of writing and tribal order the Karyls evolved into the beings they are today. The smarter ones amongst them developed a way of recording their tribal practices. It was a crude method but one that they embraced. Over time the distinct races emerged and they in turn developed their own particular language and customs.

The Potential Angelic race developed a series of tributes to the God they believed was responsible for their actual existence. Hence many of their tributes were about Angels on High, Praise the God our creator and so there was a lot of harking in their language along with fights over who might be a herald and who wasn’t. The conversation among the Potential Angelics was always lively.

The Potential Satanics too developed a language of their own. Theirs was in tribute to shepherds and kings lost and found, of reindeer dashing through the snow and of people suffering from being unloved…one of the Potential Satanic’s achievements was the publication of their famous December Karyl which depicts the miserable existence of a man who doesn’t believe in karyling of any kind until confronted by the ghosts of his past.

The Potential Agnostics were so caught up with the here and now, that their language was one of singing and song, hence there was a lot of jingling and bells being rung as they each had a thoroughly good time every time December rolled around. That is not to say they didn’t enjoy the rest of the year they did as they spend a lot of it trying their best to produce more fun loving folks like themselves.

To this very day the Karyls still live their distinct lives adding to the quality of life they each endure. They provide a service to themselves and each year as they bring in a new year they greet each other with a statement like: “Not much has changed.” And they like that.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/writing-prompt-193-a-world-apart-part-2/

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11 Responses to Writing Prompt #193 “A World Apart Part 2” – The Karyls

  1. TamrahJo says:

    Yes, you started my New Years off with a laugh! 🙂

  2. Lyn says:

    I think I’ve met a few of them in my life 🙂

  3. This was absolutely hilarious! It made me think of Terry Pratchett. Fabulous job Michael XD I love that you even tied the holidays in haha

  4. Lori Carlson says:

    Crazy stuff and so hysterical. Love the details, Michael!

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