Wordle #135 “December 26th, 2016” – Gutter Snipe


This week’s words: Sound Terminal Rum Cull (A rich fool, easily cheated, particularly by his mistress.)  Knife Gutter Fabric Discolor Gloss Jackboot Passel (a group or lot of indeterminate number) Stroke Impatience

As Gutter Snipe breathed his last in his mind flashed a lifetime of sins. It was the third stroke that did him in.

The last few days when he knew his life was in its terminal stage he had reflected on his life. He’d been a rum cull; some might say he was cuckholded but no matter how you looked at it the word fool always came to mind when you thought about Gutter. His wife was Easy Nancy, a girl with a flaming head of red hair and a temper to go with it. She hated the sound of his voice and he knew that most days his life balanced on a knife edge for fear she’s take out some revenge on him either justified or not.

The gloss had worn off their marriage when Nancy discovered the passel of children spread throughout the town all claiming to be his offspring. It was clear that Gutter had been busy and it wasn’t surprising when Nancy stopped being easy and booted him to the Gutter.

Nancy was an impatient woman, more impatient when she was irritated and she was always irritated by Gutter. To make matters worse his passel of children seemed to be growing by the year. It explained she thought why the gloss had worn off their bedroom activities. Any mention of a bit of bedroom frolicking and Gutter’s face would discolour there and then.

Nancy took to wearing jackboots and she took to delivering Gutter a well-aimed kick when the need arose.

So the final years of his life had been lived making restitution for a life of sin to Easy Nancy. The fabric of his life was in tatters. Stripped by the sound of his voice grating on the psyche of his long suffering wife.

In death Gutter’s wife became more contented Nancy than Easy Nancy, the gloss came back into her life when his life insurance came good and with one sound stroke of the knife she severed all memory of him.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/12/26/wordle-135-december-26th-2016/

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3 Responses to Wordle #135 “December 26th, 2016” – Gutter Snipe

  1. What a colorful pair these two make! I really like passel of children. I had a great uncle like that the man had 50-60 children no one was really sure and an inordinate amount of twins. Great use of the words!

  2. Raivenne says:

    I adore the character names here for they really do name the character. Nicely done!

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