Photo Challenge #142 – Threshold


Image: Rich Howman


Carrying you over the threshold was so good.

After so long being with you was all I had imagined.

The joy of our union flowed into the days and weeks that followed.

Soon there was the excitement of a child.

The preparation on becoming a family

Full of expectation we leapt into parenthood.

But sleepless nights came as a shock

The child didn’t like to sleep as his parents did.

Tension grew fuelled by disruption

We became faces to negotiate with

Your turn, my turn, I need rest.

The troubled child dictated so much

Shifts and early mornings.

The joy of our union shifted out the door.

Child grew but remained troubled

We didn’t help, our dysfunctionality

Exacerbated a dangerous situation.

You crossed the threshold a last time

This time of your accord

Left me to pick up the pieces.

The child looked at me in astonishment

Little comprehension that behind it all

It had played a significant part

Aided by our own false perceptions.

I repainted the threshold

Took away all memories of the day so long ago

Now I have you again

Locked inside, always with me.


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