Prompt #1927 First Line of the Week – Liz Walker – A New School Term


The morning sun paved the hall’s hardwood floor in amber light as Adam shoved his lunch into a leather satchel. He tugged his coat off a hanger, and she gave him a kiss. –A Piece of Herself by Liz Walker

It was the first day of the new school term and Adam hated school, hated going to school and hated everything about school. That the sun was shining so brightly didn’t help with his mood. He knew he would have preferred to be down at the sand dunes sliding down on the cardboard slides they had made over the holidays.

His mates went to the Catholic school and they didn’t start until tomorrow and he dreaded walking down the street in his uniform and suffering their jibes as he made his way to the house of torture as he called it.

His mother watched as her son, full of resentment and scorn for school make his way reluctantly down the alley and into the high street. She crossed her fingers and hoped Adam would honour his promise to go to school and not disappear over to the dunes with his friends. She told herself to trust him this time as he had in the past promised one thing and done another.

She counted the hours until she knew his school day would be over and watched out the window in expectation of her son meandering his way home.

She waited, looking at her watch, realised she was tapping her foot a sign she knew of her own anxiety. Then he appeared. She watched him approaching the house, his head down as if in thought. She waited until he was in the front door and as casually as she could, wandered in to greet him.

The boy who very sullenly left for school in the morning was not the same boy returning. Her son was full of enthusiasm. He showed his mother all his new books the teacher had given him. He proudly displayed the new pen and pencil set as well.

Understandably Adam’s mum was suspicious of this change in her son. But her suspicions were allayed when Adam mentioned the new teacher. A Miss Bunt was in charge of his class. She was wonderful according to Adam.

His mother smiled as she made the dinner that night. Her little boy was growing up. His hormones were kicking in. He’d fallen in love with his teacher.

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10 Responses to Prompt #1927 First Line of the Week – Liz Walker – A New School Term

  1. A very good story. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Bernadette says:

    Oh what a difference in attitude love causes.

  4. He’s got something his Catholic school chums will envy! Oh, the first stirrings of young love. . . .

  5. Lyn says:

    Love seeing kids love school. Goodly story, Michael 🙂

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