Wordle #129 “November 14th, 2016” – Tidewater


This week’s words: Mute Tidewater Wisteria Step Bibliotaph (A person who hoards books.) Guts Occur Breeze Faceless Fake Sharp Penetralia (The most private or secret things.)

The town of Tidewater was famous for many things, it housed the world’s most elastic elastic band, it was once the site chosen as the backdrop to the famous movie “ Gone With The Wisteria” and recently the world ant farm championships had been held there.

But it was infamous for other reasons one of which was it was home to a competitive collection of bibliotaphs. So competitive were they each had a tally board inside their front door for anyone to see should they be game enough to enter.

The guts of it all was a fierce desire by two of the bibliotaphs, Phillis Jackson and Ernest Face who despite his mute affliction, collected books with a passion that could only be described. He was the man you saw at the crack of dawn at the garage sales rifling through the boxes of books for any he didn’t already have, elbowing anyone out of his way. Mute Ernie as he was known was always trying to be one step ahead of Phillis who had her own equally underhanded methods.

Phillis was known to fake a heart attack or some life threatening illness diverting attention away from the sale and when every one was busy caring for her she would have her son, Ron the Rat Faced, grab as many boxes as he could and disappear with them.

Being such an innocent looking little old lady it didn’t occur to anyone that Phillis was a bigger con artist than Mute Ernie.

When Olivia Degranson’s estate was being settled it was well know that she had an extensive library. Both bibliotaphs lined up at the front gate well before dawn. They were joined by other bibliotaphs from the town each intent on adding to their own bibliotaphic collections in any way they could. But they were considered faceless wannabes by Mute Ernie and the wily Phillis. The deadly opponents elbowed them well out of the way.

With the gentle morning breeze at their backs the two waited in eager anticipation for the estate owners to open the gates and let them loose on the library collection.

When the gates opened Mute Ernie and the wily Phillis took a sharp left and plunged into the many boxes lined up on the pavement.

There was one book they both sought more than any other. The Secrets of a Downstairs Maid by Purpose Full, a Welsh author, the book being the penetralia of all things private and secret. In its day a book read by candle light late at night, a revelation to all of the perversions and secrets of the aristocracy, a book to giggle over with friends when you wanted to discuss the odd habits of the well to do, and according to the book they had many. It ran six hundred pages and was a very dog-eared text.

Mute Ernie saw it, grabbed it and held his prize high above his head. Phillis cursed him, wishing his guts would fall out and the book could be hers. Mute Ernie looked triumphant as he stood under the wisteria, grinning widely as the morning breeze washed over him.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/wordle-129-november-14th-2016/

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8 Responses to Wordle #129 “November 14th, 2016” – Tidewater

  1. Yay I can like and comment now.

    “I love what you have written the description of the town and its wily occupants. The name choices are hilarious and clever. I liked the description of the book at the end and the way you focused on bibliotaph which is such a wonderful word. Bravo Michael very well done!”

    • Michael says:

      Thank you my friend…it was as always a challenge and who doesn’t love a challenge..glad you got a giggle from it all.
      What a fun word bibliotaph was to play with…

  2. Joyfrida says:

    hahahaha Lovely story and excellent use of the words.

  3. Mute Ernie saw it, grabbed it and
    held his prize high above his head.

    A prized possession! What they wouldn’t do just to lay their hands on it.Obviously an obsession among the Bibliotaphs. Accompanied with glee by the successful bidder mostly! Wonderful narrative Michael.


  4. wordwitch88 says:

    great story Michael – you are so adept at spinning such creative tales – always wonderful use of the words in the wordle … and oh how I love your characterizations! 🙂

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