Microfiction challenge #19: The Proposal


Image: John Bauer

“I’ve thought of ways to honour you. Though nothing is ever adequate.”

The boy looked at his girl and said those words. He felt humbled in her presence knowing the pain she had endured and the pain of living.

Both had grown apart from feelings of love and affection. They accepted as they aged that this was their lot in life, to grow old and tolerate their own loneliness.

By chance and random words, they had meet. Within each of them their hearts pounded with expectation. Their immediate focus on each other.

The boy felt the old feelings return, as if instantaneous. He remembered the story of the boy loving a girl. The girl remembered too and her heart swelled wanting so much to love and be loved.

They nurtured their love over the following weeks cementing feelings, desires, wants and needs.

One day the boy looked at his girl and told her he wanted her to be with him always and would she consider his proposal of marriage. He humbled himself before her, telling her all he had to give her was himself. He would give her all he had, shower her with flowers and whatever else their world provided them.

It was when faced with the boy and his proposal that she took his hand and told him she would marry him in a heartbeat and all she needed from him, was him.


Written for: https://janedougherty.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/microfiction-challenge-19-under-the-sea/

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5 Responses to Microfiction challenge #19: The Proposal

  1. A touching story, Michael, and so romantic 🙂

  2. Beautiful — more than Kleenex (tissue) worthy. You are quite the romantic!

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