Writing Prompt, October 16th, 2016:Gifts from Mr. Sandman


He comes when I least suspect, in my dreams and then not always I the same form.

My dreams are haphazard; I recall only snippets unless it’s one of those rare ones I have when things are particularly bad in my life.

Like when my marriage ended I had a series of dreams about wading against the flow, it was all in an effort to reach a place that was going to be safe and more prosperous than where I’d come from.

But the sandman as he is called does visit and can take me to weird places, often to do with schools. Places I vaguely recall, situations I don’t recall, people I might have known and always an effort is required to extract myself from the maze I find myself in.

The other night I had the weirdest one though. A friend had a dog and bought it to my house. It was a lovely dog except it had happy tail syndrome. I couldn’t see the issue with it but my friend was convinced the dogs tail had to come off.

So then a chase began, me trying to save the dog, whose tail wagged like a madman through the ordeal where we escaped over hill and dale, hid in dark places but always my friend was pursuing us saying it was ok, the dog wouldn’t feel a thing when they lopped it off and it would be better off without it anyway. In my mind was the tail is there for a reason, so I led the dog, the dog led me, we made best of flight to a freedom that seemed doomed as I couldn’t shake off my pursuer. Then as so often in my dreams we came to a loose stone hill and the climb up was futile as we kept sliding down the hill, so we’d try again and again and all the while my pursuer was on our heels sliding down when we did and then to my relief I woke up.

I lay there a while recovering, still in shock at the pursuit and also at the indignity of the dog with happy tail being the subject of a cruelty I was convinced was unnecessary.

Needless to say I did look up ‘happy tail’ and it is a syndrome for some dogs that can end in amputation if the dog continues to smile too much and do itself continued injury!!


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/10/16/writing-prompt-october-16th-2016gifts-from-mr-sandman/

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12 Responses to Writing Prompt, October 16th, 2016:Gifts from Mr. Sandman

  1. Oloriel says:

    Thank you for sharing your dream with me! I never heard of happy tail before.
    In some interpretations, a dog symbolises loyalty, in this described dream I would associate it with the dreamer needing to stay loyal to oneself and approach life situations head on.

  2. Lyn says:

    I was terrified of dogs when I was little. I also had a reoccurring dream about a dog who could read your mind. It had a nose like the end of an old fashioned gas mask, and if it touched you with its nose, you died. You could however, peel the end of the nose off and escape. The dog’s nose did grow back again though so you really had to scarper. Had that dream for years and years.

  3. ellenbest24 says:

    This looks fun if time allows i would like to join in…

  4. ellenbest24 says:

    Sorry i forgot to say i am pleased i don’t have a tail or it would be me you’d have to rescue *chortles* Happy dreaming.😇

  5. AnnIsikArts says:

    Hi Michael. Funny, I had nightmares every night last week, when I was on my own. All ended when I was woken up by knocking at the door, hammering, even, on my windows, a person or persons shouting at me, saying awful things to me, (not in real life, of course). In the end – having woken myself up shouting, “Help!” out loud, and being terrified, I had to go and sleep on our sofabed. The first night my husband was home I had no nightmare, though was woken by the telephone ringing (it wasn’t of course). There are various and obvious interpretations so I won’t bother with that here. Re: your ‘happy tail’ there is an aspect in which the rescuer discovers that in rescuing another (in your dream, the dog) he is also rescuing himself. There is also – respecting the real life problems of ‘happy tails’ – a sense of injustice about a problem of adjustment – the dog must lose his tail, rather than society; that is, the dog has to have his tail amputated in order to ‘fit in’ rather than the other way round. Happiness has to be curtailed … I well understand THAT one! Sorry, I ‘talk’ too much. 🙂

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    Funny Michael and interesting dream. I have to take some medications and those always increase ones dreaming ability. Maybe you sleep better, I’m not sure. I’m always chasing or running from something. I think chasing the dog isn’t so weird. The tail things a bit scary though.

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