Thursday photo prompt- Moonlit #writephoto


On the edge of the swamp just out of reach, the scum, that enjoyed a fault-free existence, moved slightly to spread itself that fraction further in its efforts to take over all it surveyed and didn’t notice the creature moving toward the swamp’s edge.

The creature was hungry, its stomach growled its dissatisfaction at having to wait for food, a particular food, it craved right now.

The moonlight was enough to see by, any other creatures sensing its presence made a hasty retreat in instinctive fear of being the food it was after.

The creature craved the swamp scum but it was always that little bit far from the edge and the creature was loath to venture in too far its own instincts warning it of unknown and potentially troublesome encounters if it became careless at a time like this.

But the creature knew there were ways and means around any crisis and in its mind there hatched a plan. It knew of a log discarded by the swamps edge, not far from the green-blue scum and with a little persuasion it might float itself and it closer.

After some effort it managed to get the log floating and perching itself on top could see it was floating straight at the scum. As it did so it scooped handfuls of the vile algae into his mouth, his tongue suddenly alight to the burning sensation it received as the scum had its way with his insides…the result was an increased craving, he couldn’t get enough into himself, he devoured his fill and lay on the log as it floated once again into the shore.

Dragging itself ashore it lay for a time as its innards began the arduous process of digesting the poison it had taken in.

A little while later it would be up and away, reinvigorated and ready to take on all the moonlight had to offer.

Back in the swamp the scum, evaluating its losses, set about the now familiar process of regenerating itself.


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10 Responses to Thursday photo prompt- Moonlit #writephoto

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    How intriguing, Michael! More mysteries than answers…:)

  2. Lyn says:

    That’s what happens when the moon is waxing gibbous! And tomorrow night is a full moon. That swamp scum had better watch out 😉

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  5. macjam47 says:

    I love when a story leaves you with more questions than answers. Now I will be pondering this all day.

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