Friday Music Prompt #60: The Log Driver’s Waltz by Kate & Anna McGarrigle Dance of the Kitchen

The kitchen came alight

When the kids came to visit.

It was a lively discussion

It went on all night

No topic was too sacred

We joined in, argued our case

The dance of the kitchen

While our words beat the melody

Our actions waltzed at times

Jived at others, sometimes we boogied.

The noise was what we sought

The healthy interaction

Opinions spoken

The back and forth, of do we, don’t we?

All the while the dinner prep took place

The peeling in time with Aunties logic

The boiling in response to Uncle’s rhythms

Mum always tapping her foot

Shooting us down and building us up.

We loved those quiet moments

When dancing cheek to cheek

Was listening to focus on dad’s proclamations

That this was the way, it had to be.

Then we twirled and shimmied

Spun on our heels as the dinner appeared

We all gave thanks, listened once more

As the refrain began, a syncopated down beat.

The dance as we sat, chorusing each other

We enjoyed those nights

When all we did was share our viewpoints

Stress where we thought the argument might go.

The job done, washing up over

Time for a reprise, a revisit once more

When resolution was reached

We all headed home, the song,

That song we loved.

That echoed the love of Mum and Dad’s place.


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5 Responses to Friday Music Prompt #60: The Log Driver’s Waltz by Kate & Anna McGarrigle Dance of the Kitchen

  1. Michael — a wonderful transplant of river to kitchen. Lively, imaginative and fun. Thanks so for participating.

  2. I’ve always LOVE these sisters and their music! Thanks, for the post.

  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Great description of an evening spent together in conversation, arguing, as families do, but not in a bad way, more in the way of just talking and enjoying your family as company an people to bounce ideas off of, it has a rhythm like the log drivers waltz, follows certain steps. Clever way to do this prompt 🙂

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