Looking down my Backyard


Its late afternoon, shadows stretch across the lawn

The children gather at the back fence

Looking out over the farm

To where the cows munch the last grasses of the day.

My three girls and three boys

Are together on a rare day

Come to celebrate with me

The magic of being family.

Over the forty years of their lives

They remain firm friends

Rejoicing in each other’s company.

Unique and resourceful

Beyond any dreams I had for them

I watch them in that moment of union

Engaged and committed to each other.

Can a parent ask for more?

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10 Responses to Looking down my Backyard

  1. rosemawrites says:

    awww. this is heartwarming. ❤ i am happy for you.

  2. All six — that’s wonderous. Have fun.

  3. Joy Joyancel says:

    Oh dear, I should start calling you grandpa Michael 😀 Pass my greetings to your family and the cows! It’ a very beautiful poem.

  4. A parents wish and dream, sadly doesn’t always happen. I’m glad you all have such a strong relationship with your kids.

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