Wordle Special Addition Contranym “September 5th, 2016”


Today’s wordle is special as you can see in that each word contradicts itself.

I chose to: You can use both meanings of the word in the same poem, song, or story.

This week’s words: Weather (to withstand, or to wear away) Refrain (to desist from doing something, or to repeat) Temper (to soften, or to strengthen) Left (remained, or departed) Discursive (moving in an orderly fashion among topics, or proceeding aimlessly in a discussion) Sanguine (confidently cheerful, or bloodthirsty) Transparent (invisible, or obvious)  Custom (a common practice, or a special treatment) Oversight (monitoring, or failing to notice) Model (an exemplar, or a copy) Ravel (to entangle, or to disentangle) Quantum (significantly large, or a minuscule part)

The wordsmiths had all gathered and there was a feeling of expectation in the air along with the usual air of despondency. It was they all agreed it was Sam’s fault. He’d set a task which was going to tax the brains of every wordsmith and the wordjones’, those with limited word ability, who were over in their corner, thesaurus’ at hand already pondering the course of whatever action they were to pursue.

The wordsmith’s were determined to follow through, Sam was a bit of a rebel to some and a hero to others but to refrain from doing something was not their style neither was to repeat the mistakes of the past when they refrained all over the place and made a real dogs breakfast of the whole thing.

They would weather the criticism and surge forward working diligently in their own unique weathering way to achieve their goal.

No one had any thoughts about tempering their ideas, they were all out there to win and the more tempering each player did the more of a buzz they received and lets face it wordsmiths and wordjones’ could always do with a good tempering any afternoon of the week.

Competition was so fierce that the wordsmiths set out to ravel their opponents in the most confusing of ways. They let out cryptic clues, puzzles meant to tie their opponents in knots and at the same time unravelling their colleagues and pointing them in the direction only a good and wholesome ravel could do. It was working wonders when they noticed the wordjones’ were left with fewer players as more and more of their number left the arena.

It was then the quantum effort was made clear as more and more wordsmiths combined to create and complete the set tasks as opposed to the quantum of wordjones’ who floundered and began to set upon themselves as their thesaurus’ grew ragged from their constant use.

Of course it was an oversight from every official to see what was happening as they had a responsibility to watch proceedings not oversee the flirtatious Miss Fanny of the wordjones’ who was nothing more than a model of what every one hoped to be rather than a model competitor, flashing her cleavage in the direction of Humphrey Taylor the Captain of the Wordsmiths whose sanguine attention to her gave way to the wordsmiths momentarily losing their advantage in light of the sanguine and deliberately bloodthirsty approach of the failing wordjones’ team. Desperate tactics it was agreed when in a discursive fashion the wordjones’ threw in from left field a word long thought to have been banned from play completely upsetting the discursive actions of the prim and proper wordsmiths who played by every rule and were more anal about most things then was healthy for any player.

As the time on the game can closer it was the custom for one team to announce its final move and the wordsmiths confidently did so only to be sunk by the now unusual custom of the opposing team announcing that with their announcement free ice cream would be distributed to every member of the audience. This special announcement threw the wordsmiths off their game, they descended in chaos. Such was their obvious transparent demise that we failed temporarily to notice the even more transparent rise of the wordjones’ now down to three players all sporting the most amazing cleavages ever seen at the annual games and shouting above the uproar for Sam to made games president immediately.

It had turned out a wonderful day, we had weathered the storm of the competition, watched as the wordjones’ tempered their position and watched their sanguine attitude give rise to the humble contranym wordle as a blood sport.

The wordsmiths discursive to the bitter end did as wordsmiths do, suggest that next year they not be left to refrain their efforts of this year.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/wordle-special-addition-contranym-september-5th-2016/

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15 Responses to Wordle Special Addition Contranym “September 5th, 2016”

  1. lol! This is fabulous Michael I was so happy to see you took on the double challenge. I thought you might ;-). I love that the battle was b/w the Wordsmiths and the Wordjones

    they refrained all over the place was fabulous and I love the imagery of the thesaurus being worn to rags

    fantastic Wordling

  2. I am not wearing my glasses so I am not sure what face the emoticon is wearing but it should be a wink

    • Michael says:

      Yep its a wink alright…that wordle was a great challenge, I looked at it and thought WHAT???? Then I saw that it would be fun for every action to have a sort of opposite action and I couldn’t resist the notion of their being teams of wordsmiths as you’d expect and wordjones’…..Jones seemed the most likely opposite to a smith??

  3. Soul Gifts says:

    it’s ‘therapeutical’ and healthy to be absurd at times 🙂 In fact, they should declare a National Absurdity Day

  4. kim881 says:

    I love this fun wordsmithery, Michael!

  5. Joy Joyancel says:

    Love this, I am still struggling to come up with something. I have been hit by the good old writers’ block. 🙂

  6. Very clever! I enjoyed reading it a lot.

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