Tale Weaver #82: out my kitchen window


Outside my kitchen window is a fantastic world where reality and fantasy intersect to lend imagination a helping hand.

There are fairies inhabiting various parts of the yard, the old wood heap now long gone left the Wood Fairies homeless until my brother created a new wood heap under the shed. They like it there, as they don’t get so wet when it rains.

Then there are the strange Sour Fairies who live happily, believe it or not in the lemon tree. Their little faces forever screwed up from sucking on too much lemon juice never cease to surprise me with their ingenuity in living in such a place not only the sour lemons as their only meal but contending with the thorns that my lemon tree grows.

Across from them a tiny colony of Geranium Fairies have taken up residence in the only geranium I planted on the garden and which as taken root well and truly to provide these tiny fairy people with a luxurious place in which to live. You can’t see them so well but they are there busy as bees you might say carrying buckets of geranium juice from deep in the plant to a deposit centre where they process it and sell it to the other fairy communities. It’s a magic solution to most fairy aliments from long toes to short fingers, raggy hair to receding hairlines, to bushy eyebrows to unfortunate and nasty lumps that appear on your private bits. Geranium juice is a wonder when relief and cure is required.

I view all this on any one day. Sometimes late at night I’ll hear cheering and the pop of fairy fire crackers going off as one group or other is holding an annual celebration. Fairies love celebrations, parties and anything that involves Fairy Beer. Made by the Hop Fairies its lethal stuff in the wrong hands and needs to be watered down for fear straight Fairy Beer has the power to knock you well and truly into the middle of next week. I did taste it one night in a moment of stupid bravado and woke up a week later, so I can say it works.

So should you decide to come visit me be aware that it’s not a place like any other but full to the brim of fairy magic, adventure and the worst handovers you could imagine.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/tale-weaver-82-out-my-kitchen-window/

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6 Responses to Tale Weaver #82: out my kitchen window

  1. Soul Gifts says:

    Such a delightful Faerie Land 🙂

  2. I would love to visit, and I might try a glass of the interesting fairy beer. I could use a good kick to next week.
    Thanks for sharing the wonders of life outside your kitchen window.

  3. afairymind says:

    It’s good to know I’m not the only person with a garden inhabited by fairies! People keep asking me whether I’m playing Pokemon Go. They look at me a little strangely when I tell them I don’t need a game on my phone to see little creatures around me. My imagination does that job! There are fairies, pixies, goblins and lots of other magical beings, all living in the area around me. 🙂

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