SoCS August 13/16 – cash


The sell was hard, convincing and thoroughly effective. What was even more reassuring was the cash back promise should the potion not do as I was told it would.

So certain was I of the effectiveness of this potion and being cashed up I paid for six bottles of Never Fail Romance Winner.

I couldn’t wait to get home, get myself into my going out on the town best ever outfit, $45 cash at the Reject Cash and Carry Shop. It was a sure fire winner. Tight leg denim jeans, denim jacket and floral shirt would reel the girls in no risk at all and with the Never Fail Romance potion splashed over my still growing and at times awkward pimply looking body I would be holding auditions by nights end to see who the lucky girl was to come home with me.

With plenty of cash in my pocket, enough to set the night a blaze with a few bar shouts well within my nightly budget I set off.

I walked into the Trendy Dresser Night Club confident I was going to cash in tonight well and truly.

It came as a huge shock and disappointment to me to discover by nights end I had not been the chick magnet I imagined I might be. I went home dejected, alone and thoroughly discouraged. The bottle of Never Fail Romance potion I realised only worked on my brain me being gullible to believe it might work on others. I found my receipt and resolved to go back for my cash back promise.

Of course the next morning when I returned to the spot I had purchased the potion there was no one to be seen. I felt cashed out, duped and a right fool. In my pocket I felt the last of my cash, enough for the bus home. I resolved from that day on to keep my cash in my pocket.


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9 Responses to SoCS August 13/16 – cash

  1. LindaGHill says:

    It was snake oil. 😉

  2. “Cash, [but not] carry [the chickie home] 😦

  3. *giggles* thank you for the amusement so ealry (for me) in the morning 😀

  4. oops so early I couldn’t check my spelling even

  5. Fantasy Raconteur says:

    A fun tale, Michael. I enjoyed reading it=)

  6. Ah… so it goes. But the denim and floral shirt look is still cool 😉

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