Tale Weaver #80 –August 11th Making Sense of Nonsense – Special Delivery Part Two


Miss Marble hurried through her house and out into the shed where her cauldrons all bubbled away in excited expectation.

Placing the Fine Fossimax on the bench she looked around and saw that each of the cauldrons was doing as it should. Turning her attention to the Fine Fossimax she was reminded of the extraordinary properties this fine powder contained.

She had discovered that added to a garden supplement and placed on her neighbour’s zucchinis it resulted in a harvest no one had expected. If her neighbor was not alert to the growth of her crop and harvested them when they were of an appropriate phallic size, there were circumstances where a block and tackle was required to lift the things such was there sudden growth.

Also Mr. and Mrs. Lackstones at No 21 had approached her for help with their ailing marriage. Mrs. Lackstones complaining that her husband no longer was interested in her. One tea-spoon of her Romance Reviver potion containing a sprinkle of Fine Fossimax and the Lackstones had more stones than they knew what to do with.

But today she was on a particularly difficult mission. Mr. Cleary at 25 Grimace Street had been widowed these past three years. He and Mrs. Cleary had been married over sixty years and her death had left him alone and so very lonely. At first he coped well and made a brave face when anyone asked how he was going. He worked to maintain his garden and was his usual generous and giving self to his neighours on either side.

I recent weeks his health had deteriorated and he now faced the prospect of a long and agonizing death as the disease he had would make him reliant on others, leave him incapacitated to perform the most basic of functions and Mr. Cleary being a proud man never wanted to be a burden to anyone. As it was his only daughter was away working and was unable to come and care for her father.

In recent times Miss Marble had grown to like Mr. Cleary and would spend at least one afternoon a week sitting on his veranda chatting about one thing and another. She liked the old man and loved to hear his stories but his last story about himself and his current battle had spurred her into action.

Miss Marble was a clever and courageous witch. She took no truck from anyone and would go out of her way to help her neighbours. Mr. Cleary presented her with a real problem. As good a witch as she was she had never been able to defeat death.

She remembered an old potion from her young days and went in search of it. She also knew she would need Fine Fossimax to make it as she needed it, hence the urgent request to Mr. Gumpsion. This potion wouldn’t cure Mr. Cleary but would make his transition to the next world a little easier than he might be expecting.

That afternoon she visited Mr. Cleary who by now was spending much of his day in his bed. A steady stream of well-meaning neighbours and Community Nurses came throughout the day to check in on him. He smiled as he saw Miss Marble come through the door. She did as she always did and sat and chatted with him. Only this time she explained her visit and why she had come. Mr. Cleary nodded and took her hand.

The next morning Miss Marble was awakened to the knock on her front door. It was Mr. Cleary’s neighbor saying they had found Mr. Cleary dead in his bed that morning. A peaceful release said the neighbor and Miss Marble nodded and closed the door saying her own private farewell to Mr. Cleary.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/08/11/tale-weaver-80-august-11th-making-sense-of-nonsense/

Part one of the story can be read here:


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10 Responses to Tale Weaver #80 –August 11th Making Sense of Nonsense – Special Delivery Part Two

  1. wildchild47 says:

    Oh how curious is this fossimax – that it can bring extravagant life, aid in the romantic … er …. erotic department …. and bring about a peaceful death. It is an elixir (despite being finely ground powder) to be sure!

    An interesting conclusion to this latest installment of Miss Marble!

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Pat, I like the notion that something like fossimax when mixed with other ingredients can produce different results…and why not I ask?? I imagine it has its sinister side but I haven’t gone there…YET!!!

  2. Oh, I am sure that Miss Marble has an impish side, most pixies do, and MM has some pixie in her heritage to be sure. Good Witches often do.
    Wonderful part 2; may we all go like Mr. Cleary.

  3. julespaige says:

    The release of life has always been a tricky notion. Some have been jail for being considerate angels – The laws are slowly changing to allow for dignified ‘release’.

    I think more and more that magic has its rightful place. And with folks like Miss Marble –
    An enjoyable and satisfactory story. I hope Miss Marble gets a suitable neighbor as a replacement on her very special street.

    I’m a little slow at prompts this week…might do a mighty mash again. Thanks for stopping by my take on your wonderful prompt 🙂

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