Tale Weaver #79: Wormhole – Hell’s Coffee Shop



image: wormhole through space by vepman, deviant art.

Rod and Cath were so proud of the old house they had bought. In their opinion they got it for a steal. It was a renovators dream and the first day of their ownership they started on the bathroom. Knocking out a few walls and extending the sidewall to give them they hoped a bathroom with view.

Rod loved knocking walls down. He’d been out and hired all the necessary gear and set to work. One wall was especially stubborn reinforced he thought so it took him using extra elbow grease to break through.

Cath busy shifting the rubble looked away a second turned back and Rod was gone. There was hole in the wall but no Rod……


Wayne was very particular about his coffee. A skim latte was just the thing to get him started each day and Hell’s Coffee Shop served the best coffee in all eternity.

He felt the rumble and the saw his coffee ripple slightly in his cup looked around and there was Rod.

Rod was looking somewhat bewildered. What he thought was a routine knocking out of a wall had suddenly turned into something he never imagined.

Wayne rolled his eyes and knew exactly what had taken place. Another one he thought. What Lucifer was thinking when he allowed wormholes to Hell to be built into bathroom walls was beyond Wayne. After all Wayne had long concluded, any one buying an old house was likely to renovate the bathroom which in evidently led to the wormholes being opened which led to uninvited guests landing in Hell’s Coffee Shop and as everyone knew Hell wasn’t the place for everyone. You had to be special to get there; you had to be invited so to speak.

Wayne began by telling Rod this as he sipped his latte nodded to the barista to bring out another for his guest.

Rod had to agree the coffee was sensational.

Wayne didn’t want Rod to enjoy the coffee the point was to get him out of there before he really did begin to enjoy himself and didn’t want to go home. If that happened Wayne knew there’d be forms going in all directions, his friend Greg, God’s envoy so to speak, would be up in arms over Wayne soliciting another soul before its time.

Greg was Wayne’s good friend but a right pain in the arse when it came to procedure. Greg loved paperwork; Wayne loved the peace of Hell, a good coffee and a decent sushi. Things you could only acquire in Hell.

So before Rod could say thanks may I have another Wayne had him out of his chair, and over to returns department where small winged demons looked Rod over, licked their lips, muttered a curse or two of disappointment and stuffed Rod into a return capsule after three times checking his address just so they had it right. Then……


Cath was worried. Rod didn’t normally disappear into holes in walls. He made holes in walls disappear by making them so big they ceased to be holes but evolved into openings. She was about to reach for the phone when she a coughing inside the hole. Then Rod’s head stuck out of the hole.

Cath breathed a sigh of relief.

Rod looked slightly different. If somehow a tad more wise. As if instantly he had received some sort of divine insight into the meaning of life.

From that moment on Rod treated all walls with respect. Looking carefully behind them for anything suspicious or the smell of coffee.

He also developed a taste for sushi, which surprised Cath, as he had never liked Asian food.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/08/04/tale-weaver-79-wormhole/

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11 Responses to Tale Weaver #79: Wormhole – Hell’s Coffee Shop

  1. Wonderful story, Michael. Nice to see how Wayne is doing. I smiled at the end, of course, and then began to ponder how you keep sushi cold in Hell — then it came to me: when Hell freezes over!

  2. kim881 says:

    I love the idea of a wormhole to hell – I wonder what AC/DC would make of it…

  3. Intriguing and very imaginative writing my friend.

  4. wildchild47 says:

    I’m not sure if I’m laughing more, now, after having read the comments, because they have, of course, contributed to the wonderful tone of this piece! As soon as I read the title of this post, I thought “mmm, maybe a taste of the duo with wings?” …. and I was not disappointed!

    Great reading and writing Michael! A great response to the prompt – and you’ve woven another great story, expanding on the Wayne and Greg chronicles …. with such an amazing thought to the details that make this all so agreeable; and I suspect, perhaps, if this keeps up, we all may just end up wishing that we might pop into Hell’s Coffee Shop, if not for the coffee, then for the company despite the red tape! 😉

    • Michael says:

      Ha well one never knows where one might end up does one…..at least when I start these tales Wayne and Greg seem the place to go the exciting thing is discovering where they take me. They have these little ‘ divine’ minds of their own.

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