Word for Wednesday (W4W) – Bruxism



He had a maniacal look in his eye. I knew I was in for a rough time. A small drop of saliva fell from his mouth as he looked once again into my mouth and then at me.

“Brrooksmm” he announced.

“What?” I asked

“Brrooksmm” he repeated. This time with an edge of impatience.

That was enough of a hint to shut up. After all I was in a very powerless position and he knew it. I’d heard he was an intimidating character and all the rumours were playing out in reality.

For the next ten minutes he regaled me with the problems he saw in my mouth. At least I was sure that was he what he was talking about as I didn’t understand much through his strong accent. Every now and then I’d look at his nurse for help and she would smile as if to say he’s right and you’d best be good and do as he says. Though I did take some of her thoughts as: He has just bought a new motor launch to go deep sea fishing and you’ll be helping no end to pay it off for him….

Suddenly he stopped and handed me a sheet of paper. It said “Quote to perform oral procedures”. Then a pen was thrust into my hand and all the while he is standing over me looking more and more impatient at my unnecessary delay. It was the last figure on the bottom of the page that suddenly made me aware that I would be working into my nineties to pay for it.

I brushed the pen across the page hoping that if it came to it and we ended up in the debtors court my weak signature might exonerate me.

Next I knew my mouth was numb, his elbow was on my forehead and his whole tone changed. He was in his own private playground and loving every second.

At the end he again announced “Brrooksm” and with a great big smile thrust a mouth guard into my hand as I left the surgery.


Written for: https://k1kat.com/2016/07/06/word-for-wednesday-w4w-72/

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23 Responses to Word for Wednesday (W4W) – Bruxism

  1. wildchild47 says:

    Oh how totally nasty! But great story about what so many experience or at least feel, when going to the dentist. Great tale Michael – love the tone and how you’ve described it – and you had me doubled over in laughter, because oh how I’ve been in this situation – but fought back – yeah, buddy those are teeth and I warned you – chomp! (no kidding – and yes, I was an adult) – but this: “Next I knew my mouth was numb, his elbow was on my forehead and his whole tone changed. He was in his own private playground and loving every second.” I mean, some of these guys are sadists!

  2. Lyn says:

    Have you been to the dentist recently, Michael? This story and your following responses to Wildchild seem as though you’ve had an overdose of the funny gas. This had me chortling no end.
    Oh, and when I was a kid, grinding your teeth in your sleep was a sure sign you had worms 😀 😮

  3. Shadeau says:

    Dentist stories–horror!

  4. Haha! Oh I love what you did there! I felt for the poor patient and wow, you created a wonderful character in that dentist. Great job!

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