Wordle #116 – “July 4th, 2016” – Daisy Chain


This week’s fun words to play with: Starch Trample Protean (readily assuming different forms or characters; extremely variable. changeable in shape or form, as an amoeba. (of an actor or actress) versatile; able to play many kinds of roles.) Walnut Strop (any of several devices for sharpening razors, especially a strip of leather or other flexible material.)  Staccato Waltz Churn Wallflower Dummy Proboscis (the trunk of an elephant. any long flexible snout, as of the tapir. Also called beak. the elongate, protruding mouth parts of certain insects, adapted for sucking or piercing. any of various elongate feeding, defensive, or sensory organs of the oral region, as in certain leeches and worms. Facetious. the human nose, especially when unusually long or prominent.)  Fireworks (the Wordle was missing a word so I added it in)


Daisy Chain was no wallflower. There was nothing that said she was in any way backward in coming forward. In fact, Daisy lusted after most of the men in the village. It was almost an affliction for her. Trampling overall and any who might get in her way was well known among the community.

She was, as many had already discovered, adept in protean abilities. If she knew you fancied blondes it wasn’t surprising to see her arrive in blonde wig and as much fancy makeup as she could manage. In her younger days Daisy had received the strop from her father who thought a good old fashioned belting would bring her to her senses. For extra punishment she would be given butter churn duty which usually occupied her for long hours but in fact gave her more thinking time.

Now Daisy was no dummy and at the annual fireworks display on Australia Day she would be seen, chewing on walnuts, in her best starched dress putting it through its paces in waltz after waltz. She wasn’t into the staccato type dances preferring the graceful and elegant steps.

Now Daisy was graceful there was no doubt, but the one thing that held her back with all the men was her nose. It was for the want of a better term a proboscis. Nature can be cruel and when noses were handed out Daisy must have been in the front row with her hand up holding a hundred dollars. Some thought of her in the same way they did of Pinocchio and his nose, other blamed her parents Long and Merry who were both endowed with noses that arrived at corners long before their faces did.

Nevertheless, Daisy went about her pursuit of men in the hope that one might be ensnared to become her husband and whatever protean act was required she was determined to carry it out.


Written for: https://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/wordle-116/

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10 Responses to Wordle #116 – “July 4th, 2016” – Daisy Chain

  1. Poor Daisy. A Cicero De Bergerac among Australian lasses? Maybe she should consider a nose job?
    Great use of Yves wonderful wordle words.

  2. lol you had me with her name Michael

    Great use of proboscis as well!

  3. Cara Hartley says:

    I hope she finds a nice, happy fellow who appreciates a good woman, proboscis and all!

    I’m so glad that someone besides me created prose this time. I feel like the odd one out with everyone always creating poetry except me.

  4. Shadeau says:

    Fabulous story!!! Truly your gift is in spinning the yarns!

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