Write the World: July Prompt – Revolution


It all started in such a small innocuous way. To the world at large an insignificant Archduke in a country many outside of Europe would not even be familiar with.

But it initiated a conflict we still reel from in terms of the long time consequences. What at first appeared a localized incident soon gave rise to World War One. From there flowed revolution upon revolution.

The world suddenly became smaller, as men from most countries in the western world became involved and price was enormous. Thousands died in conflicts that could at best be described as complete folly, the oxymoron, military intelligence best describing the manner in which the generals thought this war should be fought.

Revolution took shape in so many countries in different forms. In Australia the Government attempted to introduce conscription so Australia could send troops to support mother England. Twice the issue was put to a referendum and twice it was defeated and defeated by the Irish Catholics who had no allegiance to the British Empire and therefore argued that Australia had no part in the European conflict. This split the country into Protestant and Catholic factions and led to much disruption within society.

The World War also brought about the end of the British Empire as it had once been. In Russia the Russian Royal family were all assassinated, the rise of Communism sparked a new way people saw society and spread fear throughout the west.

In the years Post the First World War revolutions took place throughout Europe notably in Germany with the rise of Nazism.

Revolution brings about change, some destructive and life changing and some for the betterment of people. Revolution is about change and is still happening around us.


Written for: https://prejudicepolitics.com/2016/07/01/write-the-world-july-prompt/

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7 Responses to Write the World: July Prompt – Revolution

  1. Lyn says:

    So many young men needlessly killed. Around 28,000 British troops killed on the first day alone. May we never, ever forget.

  2. sarahbruso says:

    Wonderful interpretation of “revolution.” WW1 was indeed a massive event that brought a shocking amount of change to the world.

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