Prompt Nights – Passion makes the world go round – Embracing what is us.


I am restless tonight

I am awake, outside is silent

It is that hour I should be sleeping

I look across at you

See you looking at me

These hot nights can be like that

Keep us from slumber.

I wonder?

Do we chat?


Just be?

We move closer for the comfort of bodies

Relax into each other

Know we are safe

Being here is what we want.

Time is forgotten

Sleep can be put off

Just to be us

What more is there?

We engage in our play



Embracing, what is us.


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25 Responses to Prompt Nights – Passion makes the world go round – Embracing what is us.

  1. oldegg says:

    There are plenty of things to do on a hot night when sleep evades us. What a great picture you painted.

  2. Gave me a warm glow. Keep on “embracing what is us” — that is so important. Okay, now I’ll go get a Kleenex.

  3. Shadeau says:

    Very nice–though I usually found hot nights quite off-putting for passion…

  4. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Whistles!! This is such a sweet and sensuous write Michael 😀 I love how you describe the background of a warm night where sleeping is difficult and how the couple seek their comfort in the midst of intimacy 🙂 Beautifully penned. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support 🙂

    Lots of love,

  5. Rommy says:

    If a hot summer night keeps a person up, may as well put it to good use! 😀

  6. Jae Rose says:

    This poem made me think about the notion of true passion – yes, perhaps passion is intense, brief and fiery but maybe true passion is love which gently and reliantly flows between two people (or maybe I am just old!) either way a very astute and understanding poem

  7. elleceef says:

    How sweet and tender this is,,,, 🙂

  8. Gentle, loving, hot… simply delicious. Love the pacing, the way they move towards each other, how the final act comes into happening so naturally.

  9. Oh, simply lovely, Michael. That ‘us’-ness is such a special possession.

  10. debi says:

    I agree with Jae Rose, true passion is gentle and steady until it ignites

  11. Khaya Ronkainen says:

    Such a lovely and descriptive piece. Passion gently yet sensual. Beautiful write!

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