Writing Prompt #163 “Collage 25” – The Edge


It’s the edge you see,

It’s getting closer day by day.

When she went away

When she said goodbye

The edge you see it loomed ever closer.

The reoccurring nightmare

The fat little red bird

Mocking me, taunting me.

The body they found

Dirtied and laid bare

They thought was me

That I had gone over

But it was another poor soul

For whom the edge beckoned

Pleaded and won.

Do you remember the night at the motel?

When we professed undying love

Behind the locked door

Away from accusing eyes

We said we’d always, we said forever.

Tonight as I lay in bed

And I thought of what you did

How you did it

When you did it

Breaking my heart

Puncturing my soul

With lie upon lie

I knew in those few minutes

When reality hit me

Fair between the eyes

The edge was there again.

The attraction overwhelming

To step over it

Let it take away my pain.

The nightmare came back

This time the fat little red bird

Laughed and cackled with delight

For it had won, its victory complete.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/writing-prompt-163-collage-25/

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20 Responses to Writing Prompt #163 “Collage 25” – The Edge

  1. this one packs a huge emotional punch Michael

  2. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    I like how we the reader is given glimpses of the happenings and always left wanting to peek further over that edge to see -marvellous mix of the collage images in the narrative

  3. Gosh, this is harsh, tough writing. I want to believe he survives this.

  4. humbird says:

    Nightmare! …and the image of the little red bird – sure, my favorite!

  5. mandibelle16 says:

    Hope he can find his way back, before he goes over the edge. I hate that little fat cackling bird, such a menacing bird. No need for him to hit the edge as some other guy had done with his love. But maybe there’s no hope. Evocative Michael, packs a punch.

  6. wildchild47 says:

    Edgy – uhhh … no pun intended. Well written and evocative Michael 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Thank you Pat…..pun all you like I can take it…lol

      • wildchild47 says:

        LOL – yeah, but honestly, I just meant it was edgy writing …. oh dear, now I’m laughing at the silliness 😉

      • Michael says:

        Oh good just think how many years I add to your life by making you laugh….

      • wildchild47 says:

        indeed …. you brighten my spirits, slice years off my “too old” soul and serious demeanor – I don’t let my wild side play often enough …. so at least you are a wonderful reminder to me to “lighten up” …. now if you could wave a magic something or other and help me lose a few pounds, well, we’d be singing! Hmm … maybe laughter – lots of it – could stimulate and rev my metabolism enough to burn fat? It’s perhaps worth a big fat (ha!) governmental research grant …. me thinks I should apply!

      • Michael says:

        I was reading this morning a blogger saying she had lost weight doing yoga, I’m thinking maybe I should give it a go as I have the same weight issues Pat……yes apply if anything it will give you a focus on something that might pay off for you and then we will benefit from your hard work….

      • wildchild47 says:

        LOL …. actually, yoga can help with weight loss ….. sometimes it’s not all the crazy over the top hard action exercise that yields results …. and if one has mobility, joint or health issues, then yoga can be a very good alternative.

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