OpenLinkNight #173 – The World’s Best Poet


I met the world’s best poet

A small diminutive woman

Hair greying at the temples

A sparkle and glint in her eye

Full of sass and determination.


She was not one for accolades

She saw life as a series of chapters

Ones she had moved through

Learned lessons and put them down

In succinct and concise verse.


I loved her poetry, it spoke to me

Told me of a life lived to the full

Her insights into human nature

Demonstrated her understanding

Of man as a fickle and fragile being.


Over coffee she told me of loves

Won and lost of teachers who inspired

Of poets who wrote from the heart

Like her about what they knew,

Forever learning was her motto.


I met the world’s best poet

A woman of infinite wisdom

Who allowed me time to explore

Inquire into her mind, her wit,

Who said life was here and now.


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32 Responses to OpenLinkNight #173 – The World’s Best Poet

  1. Grace says:

    You are so lucky Michael ~ My takeaways are: keep on learning, and living in the here and now ~

  2. She sounds like a gift and a dream all in one. I can see her smile in your poem, her influential will to be and to learn… Thank you so much for introducing her to us. ♥

  3. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    She sounds like a wonderful woman 🙂 delightful read ❤

    Lots of love,

  4. Sounds like a wonderful person to meet. Great read.

  5. thotpurge says:

    Forever learning.. an invaluable lesson!

  6. Best poet and very wise by the sound of it. Be the sponge and absorb all you can. Best things tend to rub off!

  7. She knew she’d be sniffling at some point in making her comments — happy endings made her cry a lot these days. “So glad ‘I met the world’s best poet/A woman of infinite wisdom/Who allowed me time to explore/Inquire into her mind, her wit,. . ., ” she quoted. “You meet some incredible, unique and special people. But then, I’ve heard that like attracts like. I imagine your world’s best poet liked your tribute — not an accolade — just a truism on how you felt about her as a person, her as a poet, her as her.”

  8. Stella says:

    What a marvelous tribute–Bravo! Learning and creating, and sharing both, add shine to an otherwise dull and/or tricky life.

  9. Always learning – that’s the best motto you can have..

  10. scotthastiepoet says:

    I really enjoyed the recreation of this charmed episode – found it both pleasurable and meaningful and will be back for more…

  11. lillian says:

    I would love to meet her! Special writing here.

  12. rosross says:

    Beauty in substance and style.

  13. MarinaSofia says:

    Whether true or not, and whatever ‘best’ might mean, this is a delightful experience and encounter, and I like the humour and insight you share with us!

  14. Mish says:

    She sounds like a wonderful mentor of poetry and life.

  15. hayesspencer says:

    And you have shared her wisdom with us, kindness unbounded. Life is indeed here and now.

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