#Maydays Prompt – Fairytale Fun – Fairies In My Garden


Today’s #maydays prompt, feature a little magic, elves and or fairies.

There are fairies in my garden. I see them each day zipping in and out of my ferns. They love to swing and slide along the soft fronds of the maidenhairs and down the steep and exciting slopes of the majestic bird’s nests.

They’ve lived in my garden a long time. My grandmother introduced me to them as my initiation into things fairy in our garden.

What I didn’t know when I first became aware of them was the responsibility I had in caring for them. They feel comfortable with me being among them but for a stranger they have the ability to vanish and no amount of looking will reveal any sign of them.

Each Spring they hold an end of winter festival. All the garden fairies gather in the gardens centre to dance and sing, tell stories and plan the spring activities. For the past few years they have invited me to join in.

It’s always on a Thursday that this event is held and I venture into the garden and request an invitation to the celebrations. The King of the Fairies a very lovable Fairy called Michelmas enjoys the time I spend with them. He sends his special envoy to cast the spell required to bring me to fairy size and I am included in all the festivities.

There is always a feast, of special fairy meats and fairy vegetables washed down with very generous amounts of fairy wine.

The singing is always fun and assisted each year by the copious flagons of wine made available. Their songs are raucous and rambling, telling of dreams and schemes, of love and passion, of success and failure but always of hope and connection.

They celebrate long into the night and by the time I have had my fill and it is time to call it a night I invariably end up in my bed. How I get there I have never completely understood but I am left with wonderful memories.

There are fairies in my garden and its best you take my word for it.


Written for: https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/maydays-prompt-fairytale-fun/

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15 Responses to #Maydays Prompt – Fairytale Fun – Fairies In My Garden

  1. I’ll take your word for it, Michael! here’s to you and your fairies 🙂

  2. wildchild47 says:

    Always a wonder – a stay@home vacation/celebration where you can share in the beauty of the magick from time to time 🙂

  3. I would never doubt your word on fairies, Michael. You are my go-to “faeryologist” should I have elven, faery (new age spelling, lol), impish, or the like questions or confirmations needed.
    Are yours allergic to photographs? I think you may have said as much. Spirit photographs of faerys would be funderful.

    • Michael says:

      My fairies like me shy away from photos. Take my word we are all good looking characters.

      • As I have said I would never doubt your word of faerys, then I certainly can’t doubt the good-lookingness of your character. Psst: don’t tell, but I’ve seen pictures purported to be of you. Is that just a rascally rumour that you were, indeed, the MG in these aforementioned pictures.

      • Michael says:

        Hmm…it could be, shadow can work wonders for you…

  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Fairies you say? And they have wine? I’m in! Nice write Michael 🙂

  5. Lyn says:

    I’ve been wondering when you’ll give us another Fairy post–I just love them 🙂 Oh, I know how you end up in your bed. I haven’t told you before, but my grandmother had fairies in her garden when she was a girl. She said when she fell asleep on the grass while she was visiting them, they just had four of their specialist fairies pick her up and fly her to her room. She always left her window for this reason 😉

    • Michael says:

      Sounds reasonable to me. I like that they tuck me in as well. Hope your Sunday is beautifully sunny and warm like mine

      • Lyn says:

        Thank you Michael, yes it’s lovely and warm, but they’re burning off so there’s a lot of smoke around. But, that is a small price to pay to stop or at least ease the potential for dreadful bush-fires come next summer.

      • Michael says:

        Watching the football from Penrith and it looks hazy.

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