Writing Prompt #159 “Collage 23” – Sal


It had been the best of times

And was now the worst of times.

Our idyll life had been shattered

With what was a tentative knock

Ten PM on the front door.

The nervous troubled young police woman

Whose presence she knew was bad news.

My daughter, my beautiful teenage Sal

Had been ripped from us.

Today I stand at her graveside

No amount of tears will change a thing.

The girl who lay on her bed feet in the air

Joking about her boyfriends driving

Was now the product of it.

Her potential not just to do well

But to do well for others was gone.

My mind is a flood with memories.

Her diary covered in love doodles,

Her wardrobe door with the carved heart

A legacy of a camping trip

Where the boy from Queensland

Had won her heart and written her letters.

His last letter unopened, arriving yesterday.

Her insistence on hanging the dream catcher

This boy had sent her

‘You never know,’ she’d say.

‘I might dream something to remember.’

We’d never know I thought as the priest

Said the farewell prayers,

And invited me to deliver her eulogy.

In that split second I knew what to say

Even though my words I’d written so many times

I knew I had something of worth to say

To remind family and friends

Of the beauty Sal gave to each of us.

I began….’I don’t know how to say goodbye…’



Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/05/15/writing-prompt-159-collage-23/

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8 Responses to Writing Prompt #159 “Collage 23” – Sal

  1. 😦 Imagine having to be the person who delivers that kind of news.

  2. Heart-breaking Michael and beautifully written, you definitely stir the reader’s emotions with this piece and what a powerful closing line

  3. wildchild47 says:

    Powerfully written, highly evocative and captures the sense of disbelief, the shock, and the futility of it, in such circumstances. Well done Michael 🙂

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