Moral Mondays: Mommy Lessons


Nothing good ever happens after 2AM


My mother never liked waiting up or me. If I said I’d be home at midnight she expected me to drive in at midnight.

If I was late there was a frostiness the next morning. In particular her refusal to ask me about my evening.

Normally she’d be interested in who I was with, where I went and whether I treated the girl I was with respectfully.

It was 2.30am one night when I arrived home to the doors locked. A sign on the door said it all: “Sick of waiting”.

It was a cold night and a lesson learned.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mums everywhere..


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22 Responses to Moral Mondays: Mommy Lessons

  1. Oh dear a very stern mummy, but I’m sure a lesson learnt. I’m too soft, i could not have done that to you.

  2. Lyn says:

    LOL I bet you were never late again. I spent Mother’s Day watching my fourteen-year-old granddaughter play a soccer match in the rain. They won 4:0 😀

  3. Lynn Love says:

    Great story – and as you say, as lesson learned. I might be tempted to do it to you, but it would depend on how old you were. In your teens, I’d still let you in – older …. Hmm. Nicely written

  4. Sonya says:

    Oh dear. But sometimes, we have to learn the hard way… Nicely done 🙂

  5. Tough love, true love. 🙂

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    nice take on this prompt Michael!

  7. Nortina S. says:

    Sometimes it takes sleeping on the front porch in the cool night air to learn your lesson 😉

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