Photo Challenge #110 – Sin


Image: Mira Nedyalkova

The voice of the past echoes

‘It’s a sin to covet.’

The man has been there everyday.

He comes to her in the dawn light

Runs with her as she exercises

Eats with her, sits by her side

Sleeps with her in dreams.

She cannot get him out of her mind

She lusts for his touch

She craves his words

She knows he is within reach.

In the early moments of day

He slips into her bed

Looks at her, their eyes caught

In a focus they both desire.

He slips his hands inside her clothing

It falls happily to the floor,

Their bodies intertwine

She feels him, his hot breathe

Caresses her neck, she yearns for him

Her mind dictates her physical frenzy.

She whispers his name,

Gasping in gratification

She plunges into an abyss of sheer joy.

Exhausted she feels him slip away.

She contemplates her passion

Her wilful act, her body sated

Her mind seeking him again

Wishing his return.

The echoing voice





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9 Responses to Photo Challenge #110 – Sin

  1. Great work, Michael! I can’t tell you how much I like it… 🙂

  2. wildchild47 says:

    Very powerfully written and superb evocation. You’ve captured the sublime, the subliminal, the suggestion, the desire with a pace that builds, much like the foreplay leading to that edge – oh my! what a thrill, what a ride – perhaps, a perfect moment of ecstasy? Well done Michael.

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