Prompt Nights – Jour de la Terre – Earth Day – Earth’s Tears


I stir at the break of day

Knowing from today I am one second closer

To the moment of oblivion.

My body and soul are being ripped from me.

The insatiable parasites

With one view to further their own ends

Haunt me for they know I will stop giving

Cease to provide as I do now

At some point soon to arrive.

From my depths they are sucking me dry

Taking from me what can never be given back.

It’s finite but they don’t see

What greed can bring about.

One day it will all end

There will be nothing

I will be nothing

Just a gasping shell

Unable to breath

Unable to live

Unable to provide.

So I cry at my expected demise.

I tried to warn them

Sent them signs.

But when ignorance is a default setting,

There is not much I can do

When they wont help themselves.


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22 Responses to Prompt Nights – Jour de la Terre – Earth Day – Earth’s Tears

  1. Well done — I have trouble watching nature shows because the sadness is so pervasive in what we have lost and are losing. Something we should all shed a tear over.

    • Michael says:

      Yes it is very heart breaking I think. Future generations will wonder why we did what we did.

      • Especially since we know now that resources aren’t endless, actions have consequences. This was the generation that could have saved the earth — you’re so right — those who come after shall really wonder why!

  2. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Powerful write. You have captured the woeful plea of mother earth in your verse so very beautifully.. I was especially struck with the reference to “when ignorance is a default setting..” A lot of truth and wisdom here. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights Michael 🙂

  3. This is a very powerful poem, Michael. Greed is draining all of us dry. I feel your emotions!

  4. wildchild47 says:

    But when ignorance is a default setting,

    As someone already mentioned – this line – it rather explains far too much.

  5. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    Sad but true. That’s another phrase for ‘wilful ignorance’, right?

  6. Her cries are so loud and desperate that they are reaching every soul that’s listening. It’s a pity that so few actually open their ears and close their all sucking mouths.

    Your last three lines speak a truth that should make us feel ashamed as a race.

  7. Jae Rose says:

    Superbly written and so very true – particularly loved the image of the empty shell..

  8. Tells a sad story of our world, but beautifully written, Michael.

  9. ghostmmnc says:

    The line that ignorance is a default setting…sad but true. Very well written to convey a message.

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