TW/FT Prompt: April 21 2016: Rethink – Rewrite – Erkla McKurkle


For this challenge, choose a fairy tale/fable that is familiar to you, whether you love or hate it – and REWRITE some aspect, element. 


Erkla McKurkle stood before the mirror and squinted as she looked at the woman before her.

She was for a woman in her late forties still a reasonably attractive woman. She liked to think so as she secretly lusted after the father of those dreadful twins Hansel and Gretel.

Oh how she loathed their niceness, their innocence and the pull they had over their father who was a man who did things to her, made her yearn and desire in the most unfairy tale manner.

She knew if she played her cards right she could lure the man of her dreams to her side. After all she did have considerable charisma along with a very welcoming bosom.

She was well aware that if she succeeded she would be written off immediately not as Erkla McKurkle but as the nameless wicked stepmother as every one knew of her dislike for children.

In front of the mirror she saw herself as Mrs Henry Woodgetter a far more practical name than McKurkle, which was one of those names she knew, made most people sick to the stomach to say it.

But until then she was Erkla McKurkle, spinster and pastry cook.

Her plan was to make herself indispensable to Henry. Shower him with love and apple pies. Once she had him in her grip she would then work on getting rid of the children and thus having her man all to herself.

She knew Henry loved his food. His poor wife had not long died and during the grieving process she knew he would be most vulnerable. In the kitchen she heard the oven timer go off, the apple pie with extra allure was ready, a cool down over night and he would be putty in her hands.

The children she had long decided could easily be gotten rid of by taking them to the enchanted forest and pointing them at Madge Allsorts’ Gingerbread House, a never fail attraction for every child she had disliked in the past. Madge was, bless her soul, very fond of children.

With Henry wrapped around her finger he would be easily manipulated. The children history. Her life complete.

She hummed softly to herself as she frosted the pie with a liberal sprinkling of her magic icing sugar.


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8 Responses to TW/FT Prompt: April 21 2016: Rethink – Rewrite – Erkla McKurkle

  1. wildchild47 says:

    LOL! 😀

    I love the way you’ve played with this Michael 🙂

    The attention to details, the way you have slipped into her mind, I swear by the end of this reading, I felt like I was a shadow, her shadow, working over the pie, dusting it with magical icing sugar! You’ve given her such voice, and how clever the names, and associations – thanks so much for playing along with the prompt 🙂

  2. MyLovingWife says:

    Made me laugh. Thanks for that. I needed it.

  3. Lyn says:

    Fairy tales…Michael at his best!! 😀

  4. kim881 says:

    Ooh, that Erkla McKurkle is an evil minx!

  5. luckyjc007 says:

    Oh! She is such a terrible person….. Perhaps she could eat one of her own special pies with sprinkling of her magic icing sugar and she would be so sweet she would never dream of sending Hansel and Gretel to Madge Allsorts’ Gingerbread House! Great story.

  6. julespaige says:

    I think I know of a few women who aren’t with fairy magic who would do the same as Ms. McKurkle. 🙂 Fun twist on the familiar tale.

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