Wordle #105 “April 11th, 2016” – Seamus


This week’s fabulously interesting words: Needless Awake Monument Space Macrocosm (the great world or universe; the universe considered as a whole (opposed to microcosm ).The total or entire complex structure of something. A representation of a smaller unit or entity by a larger one, presumably of a similar structure. Philosophy Nuzzle Impress Lacerate Reveal History Monachopsis (n. the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place, as maladapted to your surroundings as a seal on a beach—lumbering, clumsy, easily distracted, huddled in the company of other misfits, unable to recognize the ambient roar of your intended habitat, in which you’d be fluidly, brilliantly, effortlessly at home.)

Seamus’ mother looked out her bedroom window and saw her son sitting in the six by four hole he had dug in the back yard. She worried about her boy who was not as other children were. Needless to say the fact that tomorrow was his twenty-fifth birthday did bother her, as he had neither job nor ambition apart from digging holes and sitting in them.

She has scoured the Internet looking for a word to describe him and had found it in the appropriately named Dictionary of Sorrows. Monachopsis. That described her boy. He was clumsy his own shadow was at risk of injury when he walked around, he was easily distracted as was evident by asking him to run any sort of message like going to the butchers was an adventure as he had to walk past two bookshops both of which had attractions he couldn’t resist which usually meant his arrival at the butchers was just as the butcher was going home.

It was true she thought that her son just didn’t fit in. His head was a space in which only he knew what was going on.

He was the most undemonstrative child. Whenever she would nuzzle up to him he’d shy away as all her efforts to impress him and impress on him her love and affection were thwarted at every attempt.

She feared that he would never awaken to the world around him it was as if he lived in a macrocosm of a world that didn’t really accommodate her. There was so much for him to consider and explore he didn’t have time for mere human foibles.

Even when he had his accident and his leg was badly lacerated and must have hurt like crazy, he didn’t complain just asked his mum to turn on the History channel and get out of his way.

Every hole he dug was a monument he said to man’s philosophical growth and development. Most of Seamus’ head was full of philosophical thought. His mum thought it reflected his mixed up view of the world.

But Seamus was not deterred, as he believed in philosophical thought even when it made little sense to anyone else. He would reveal some new thought that had occurred to him usually resulting in him being further classed by his siblings as a raving lunatic and his mother should have had him locked up years ago.

But now that his mum had discovered her son was a monachopsist she felt progress had been made as she watched him sitting comfortably in his hole staring up into the heavens where if you could have been standing beside him at that moment you could have been mistaken in thinking he was speaking to some entity before him.

Monachopsists live in a macrocosm of a world as opposed to the rest of us who struggle within the confines of our own microcosms.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/04/11/wordle-105-april-11th-2016/

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14 Responses to Wordle #105 “April 11th, 2016” – Seamus

  1. I love when you reveal his age and how his clumisness even poses a threat to his shadow (that describes me as well haha) what a great use of Monachopsis!

  2. wildchild47 says:

    wonderful use of another challenging wordle …. very interesting story ideas here 🙂

  3. C.C. says:

    “Dictionary of Sorrows” seems a fitting place for this mother to have found this word that makes sense to her reality and it adds a tone to this piece that works so well.

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