Writing Prompt #154: Look to the Stars – From The Stars


From the Stars.

He looked at the man before him and thought what an excuse for a human being he was. Scrawny and unfed, with he suspected a brain the size of a pea. He was there because he continued to bash his wife. ‘Love pats’ the man had claimed. So loving was he of his wife she had broken ribs and several teeth missing. Quite the lover he thought as he took the man in.

What he was about to do was revolutionary. What he could do no one else could. He knew he had a rare power and he knew he had been entrusted with it. How it came about he had only vague recollections.

Walking home and a bright light. Darkness then more light. He thought he must have been dead. He could see stars, but real ones.

Then voices, requests, a bargain, his help and no more physical ailments for him….sounded like a deal to him and then he was back in his house.

The next day a man visited him, explained what he could do said there was a training program, he’d have to leave home, be away no questions asked. He knew he didn’t have any reason to object as they had cured him of all his aches and pains in fact he never felt better.

The rigorous training regime was eye opening. He had powers beyond his initial imagination but it was the hours at night talking with the sage that enlightened him the most. He could if he wanted change history. But that was not his role. His role was to support the downtrodden against all perpetrators of evil.

This he discovered included the sex offenders, the wife bashers, the scam artists and the down and out scumbags who populated every country.

He spent six weeks with an aid, a man from the stars who witnessed his actions and gave him advice when needed. Over the time of his ‘apprenticeship’ he learned compassion and retribution.

Now he was on his own and had acquired an assistant an intelligent young lady who prepared ahead of his arrival every case he was to consider.

Today he was hearing this case of the serial wife basher. The man who thought his actions justified. Who thought fear of him was the ideal way to conduct a relationship.

The woman in question was a mouse of a girl beaten into submission by a man who was basically a coward, who picked on her, as he knew how helpless she was and had turned this woman who could have been a reasonable human being into his punching bag.

He always spoke softly, he always spoke with deliberation. It was to the man in question a soft approach and the man laughed at his suggestion that as of tomorrow he move out and find himself somewhere else to live.

When the man had finished he softly reiterated his wishes and suggested the man sleep on what he had said. The woman looked terrified as her husband told him in no uncertain terms where he could put his suggestions and that he would sleep well and tomorrow his wife had better have his breakfast ready or there would be trouble.

The man smiled briefly and dismissed them all.

The next morning the husband awoke and looked around. The sun was shining and the birds singing. The walls of his room he thought needed painting. The colour pink came to mind but he replaced that with a lovely pastel lemon.

He could hear movement in the kitchen and thought his wife might like a hand, as the kids could be a handful.

She looked her usual dowdy self but he thought she should get out later and go to the hairdressers.

He sat at the table and sipped his tea. His wife was cautious. Something was wrong. Who was this man? This wasn’t the pig she was used to.

Later that morning she heard him scream. He was in the shower. She raced in. He stood there. It was a moment of realisation. He had gone from admiring the shower curtain to understanding why. She looked down.

The man who had terrified her for so long had no testicles.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/writing-prompt-154-look-to-the-stars/

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16 Responses to Writing Prompt #154: Look to the Stars – From The Stars

  1. Oh! Literally that’s all I’ve got lol

  2. Definitely unexpected.

  3. wildchild47 says:

    Roflmao@ the comments exchanged by you and Juls!

    *snorting* uncontrollably – how uncouth 😉

    Thanks so much for this wonderful response to the prompt Michael. I really like how you’ve explored the elements and incorporated them so carefully and well – the idea of someone who has a higher purpose – and is offered the choice to use it – in a very “odd way” – the training, the decisions to be made, the mysterious aspects of “retribution” but how ultimately, the truth is to help those most in need.

    The mysticism aspect is one I feel you’ve explored in a wonderful way – the idea of “star people” – and serving for the “ultimate good” – it’s all very “new age 5th dimension” – without being syrupy or “commercialized”.

    Great ideas here 😀

    • I’ve had this character in my head for years o here was a chance to give him a little outing. My fantasy save mankind persona.
      A challenging prompt Pat, I do like that sort.

      • wildchild47 says:

        thanks Michael …. and glad you were able to let this one see the night of day 😉

  4. Scout says:

    Perfect ending, Michael. I agree with Pat, the exchange between you and Jules is hilarious, though I’m not the snorting kind; however, I might have been should the two of you kept it up 😀

  5. mandibelle16 says:

    Haha! I gasped out loud when I read the end Michael. Well thought out and planned story. I enjoyed the creativity behind coming up with the idea of this man who had powers, even to change the worst kind of people on the earth. I was happy when the ladies husband woke up and he was nice. But still, shocking ending. Oh well, he did have his chance to “be a man.” Well written extremely.

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