Daily Prompt – Incomplete

Daily Prompt – IncompleteIncomplete-Horseman-Sculptures-02

I’m glad my life is incomplete.

I’m working on the notion

That as I draw my final breathe

I’ll have achieved some sense

Of completion.

But I doubt it will happen

For life is an incomplete process.

There will always be something to do

Someone to love

Some place to visit.

That idea makes it all so exciting

The prospect that no matter what

Or where I go there will be another place

Another person I’d like to know

And if I’m very lucky

Will want to know me.

So incomplete is how I like it

As I love the thought of a tomorrow.


Written for: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/incomplete/

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10 Responses to Daily Prompt – Incomplete

  1. I love the optimism. 🙂

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