Writing Prompt #150 “The Lovers” The Girl and The Boy


The girl from humble beginnings

Held back by fears and haunting words:

‘You’re no good’, ‘you’ll ruin everything you touch’.

Love became an elusive ghost

She had long given up the cause.

Until the boy came along.

In all innocence she never expected

Those feelings she felt rumbling

Might ever be realised.

In two minds she wondered of desire

With such bedevilling in her mind.

She could so easily ruin him

Lose him in dark places she abhorred.

As lovers they connected

He loved her as the woman he saw

She loved him for the man he was.

Despite their flaws

Their love increased

From shy, to smile, to smitten.

In gentle ways their hands did clasp,

Their bodies when entwined

Took each other far away

In poignant treasured moments.

In morning light they lay together

He loved her precious self

She saw him as not like other men

It was, as it should have been,

Her voices laid to rest.



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16 Responses to Writing Prompt #150 “The Lovers” The Girl and The Boy

  1. such a lovely poem, so romantic 🙂

  2. Beautiful and elegant writing Michael, very moving

  3. I absolutely, unequivocally, love this poem, Michael. It touched my heart. From beginning to end, every single word told a beautiful story.
    Your accompanying art work is a perfect compliment to it.

  4. The boy healed the girl. Beautiful poem!

  5. wildchild47 says:

    Lovely piece that has a fairy tale quality – but not in a sappy or syrupy style. Perhaps more of a secret dream held as a treasure deep within one’s heart.

    Beautiful Michael 🙂

    • Thank you Pat well you are little correct when you consider so much of my life is fantasy…

      • wildchild47 says:

        LOL …. you know, it’s early here and as I’m reading this, MY BAD of course, I was sipping coffee and almost choked spit it at my screen, unexpectedly laughing @ your comment – I could hear this Auzzie accent so calmly and nonchalantly stating it …. oh how you are too wonderful 😉

        and well …. at least then, we can dream and be content in “creating” whatever best suits us at the time, as long as we remember to keep at least 4 toes grounded in reality XD

  6. Life-affirming, hopes and dreams have potential to be fulfilled, and demons and voices dispelled. Truly a love story, and a lovely story. Beautiful expressive interpretation of the tarot card.

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