Photo Challenge #102 March 1, 2016 – Patricia’s Mask


Image: Carnival in Venice -29 by Stefan Insam CC BY-SA 2.0

Patricia loved her mask

She wore it everywhere

Even in the shower.

At night she’d place it beside her bed

In a place within arms length

Should the need to slip it on occur.

She’d arrive at breakfast

And using a straw suck up her coffee.

Slurping and burping the last few drops.

Her mother frowned, her father scolded

But Patricia was a law unto her self.

Call me Zelda she announced

And flounced off to irritate

Mr Gray the elderly neighbour.

She pounded on Mr Gray’s back door

Called: “Mr Gray, its Zelda mysterious woman of the night

Come to raid you and your house.”

Mr Gray was a happy old man and humoured Zelda

Hoping she’d go away and leave him to his morning cuppa.

At Mardi Gras time Patricia

Put on her loudest dress

Attached feathers to her mask

Hung Grandma’s fascinator

Stood and made up her story in front of the mirror.

She looked a sight prancing around.

She was Princess Amy

Alluring woman of intrigue.

Each year she slipped into the parade

No one cared too much

Over the years they expected Patricia to be there

In her mask of many colours

With just as many personalities.

One year she didn’t appear

Her nephew marched

Holding her mask high upon a shield

Princess Amy it said, was now at rest.


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7 Responses to Photo Challenge #102 March 1, 2016 – Patricia’s Mask

  1. CPP says:

    Well thank you once again Michael for your intriguing and creative response. 😀

    I think you’ve fleshed out an interesting character here …. 😉

    The mask, the dance, the carnival …. wonderfully delightful …. and as usual …. your immense imagination is such a source of wonder to me. Well done!

    Cheers ~ Pat

  2. Cara Hartley says:

    Even if she is annoying, one has to appreciate Patricia. She is an original!
    I ended up putting my Princess Amy to rest in the hopes that someone might like me. I don’t think it worked, but I don’t have the courage to wake her.

  3. Oliana says:

    What an interesting personality you have created, Michael. She was eclectic and the town accepted her …I’m sure she brought life to that small town:) Beautifully penned!

  4. It’s a wonderful idea that uniqueness and eccentricity can be accepted and embraced.

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