Writing Prompt #147 “Collage 17” – The Answer


“The answer,” she said. “Is within the statement.

Its how you made them feel that is so important.

You may have said profound things

You may have done great work

But when they think of you they’ll remember how they felt in those moments when greatness was achieved.”

It was times like this I treasured.

Those occasions where after I’d whinged about the dilemma I saw myself in she’d come and stand beside me, her eyes scanning the screen taking in the issue and then with that twinkle in her eye and her flashing smile she would give me her ten cents worth which so often ranked as priceless in my estimation.

“Do you remember the concert you did in 2007?” she asked “Where we packed the hall, had people on the edge of their seats because the band was really pumping. Do you recall the looks on their faces, the enthusiasm of their applause and the comments that flowed after? Those people all went away feeling great, they’d witnessed something wonderful and I bet they remember that night still today.”

I remembered that night but I also remembered the long path to get there. Like so much in my life it didn’t just happen. It took as she used to say, time to let it play out.

Playing in one horse towns to three people, the long dusty drives between gigs had paid off that night.

I remembered how I felt, elated, over joyed and hugely satisfied that I’d made it too that point.

We talked about it at length and while we did she did what I loved so much, ran her finger across the back of my neck until I reached up and took her hand and pulled her into me.

I knew that my success was not all my own doing.

I had always made a point of including her in my career, never really taking any decision until we had discussed the pros and cons of it.

So today I took to the keyboard and wrote about how we feel when we are witness to something that impacts on our lives.

I was lucky I knew, even though my followers had witnessed my greatest performance and felt so good about being there, I was in turn lucky to have married a woman who every day made me feel good and who every day left me with so much to remember.

Yes I thought the answer was all about “How you made them feel.”


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/02/21/writing-prompt-147-collage-17/

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18 Responses to Writing Prompt #147 “Collage 17” – The Answer

  1. Great slice-of-life story, Michael. You did good. 🙂

  2. humbird says:

    Nice reminiscence here…I trust this story….thanks for visiting

  3. This is wonderful Michael you really incorporated the quote beautifully and I found the story so touching, I am a romantic at heart you know!

  4. Got me all weepy and sentimental again. Good thing I had a pocket stuffed with Kleenex. A sweet and wonderful story.

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